Here's The Sweet Book Nintendo Gives Job Applicants

Image: Meideru

As we've covered before, every year Nintendo holds a big recruitment drive in Japan, and as part of that they give prospective employees a beautiful handbook. Here's what this year's looks like.

There’s nothing important in it. It’s a company handbook, and contains the same thing any other recruitment guide would: some basic company information, words from big/famous employees and some pretty pictures.

A rare instance of Nintendo admitting the existence of the Virtual Boy (Image: Meideru)

But it’s the latter which we’re here for, because “recruitment” be damned, this looks like a nice book to just have sitting around.

Image: Meideru

The pics here are all courtesy of Meideru, who has more shots if you want to poke around.

Images: Meideru


    Now I want a Cape Canaveral dock for my Switch.

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