Hitman Is Wonderful

Image: Youtube

If you haven't played Hitman yet, this video is a good example of what you're missing out on.

Simply titled "Terminator 47", YouTuber BedBananas has created a montage of some of the weird, wonderful and bizarre things Agent 47 has been getting up to these days.

They include, in no order: push ups on a can of soda, attracting the attention of NPCs by overflowing the toilet sink, bizarre romances in public, drowning a guy in a toilet while another guy is sitting on the toilet, "blending" in a crowd after smashing several bottles of wine in front of the crowd, repeatedly watching NPCs walk into an inferno of a sauna, the most emotionless, distant AI you've ever heard, and some wonderful freeze frames with Hitman 47 overseeing his ... work.

Hitman's pretty great.


    oh man that was majestic. lmao. love game breaking things that just work.

    The bit with Santa with Vivaldi "winter" playing in the background... i lost it.

    I love how it turns in to some kind of post-modern art film by the end.

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