Hollow Knight, As Told By Steam Reviews

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It's not often that Aussie games gain a lot of traction on Steam. And it's even rarer that Aussie games strike a chord with the wider Steam base.

A hand drawn platformer that harkens back to the Metroidvania era, Hollow Knight has a pretty simple elevator pitch. It's a beautiful 2D side-scroller, with tight controls, sharp combat and plenty of freedom to explore the caverns of Dirtmouth, however you see fit.

Having launched the same week as Horizon: Zero Dawn and just before the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild, it's currently sitting at a 92% positive rating from almost 1800 reviews. Fans have praised the game for its artstyle, combat, controls, and appreciation of the Metroidvania-style games, as well as the challenge presented by the bosses.

Even many of the negative reviews have praised aspects of the game, although the main sticking points have been sparse checkpoints, the actual platforming, bugs and the amount of backtracking required.

Here's what users are saying about Hollow Knight, made by the Adelaide-based studio Team Cherry:

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    I live in hope that Hollow Knight will get an XB1 release

    FYI, it is in no way a rogue-like. Metroidvania, sure. But there's no permadeath / random levels or upgrades etc.

    Edit: it is rather excellent though.

    Last edited 06/04/17 2:38 pm

      A lot of the downvote people seem to be "It's too hard". Better not play nes or snes era games then =P

        yeah, it's challenging, but its not unfair & the penalty for dying is pretty light.
        just gotta remember enemy attack patterns etc. & 'git gud'

        guess its just not for everyone.

          I just feel like It's not really a valid reason for down voting it.
          The technical issues I can understand as that brings it into frustration territory

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