Forza Horizon 3’s Hot Wheels Expansion Transforms Australia Into An Insane Playground

Forza Horizon 3’s Hot Wheels Expansion Transforms Australia Into An Insane Playground

Driving through iconic Australian locations in super-powered cars.

Pretty cool.

Driving on life-sized Hot Wheels tracks that integrate with an iconic Australian location, with life-sized cars.

Well, that’s just insane. The best kind of insane there is.

Look at this! LOOK AT IT.

This is so weird, in an awesome way. It brings Hot Wheels to life — the cars, the tracks — but placing it in a real world location? That just cranks everything up a notch. What a bizarre and unique idea.

This expansion hits May 9 and brings iconic Hot Wheels cars Twin Mill, the Rip Rod, and the Boneshaker into the Forza Horizon universe. This is truly wild.


        • I hear ya! The game gives me the shits on PC – doesn’t want to run well no matter how much power I throw at it. I’ve settled for just dropping to high settings across the board, which helped – then I stopped playing it 😛 This might bring me back though.

          • I have a PC that can easily run it. But i still got it on xbox one because i didnt want to have to deal with a bad port

    • haha….yep.

      This game and the UHD drive is what sold me. That said, in the bundle I got the Master Chief collection, and the Ultimate Gears collection. For someone who has never owned an Xbox, I was instantly greeted with a stack of great games to play. Forza Horizon 3 is fantastic. I mean shit….I built a 2 door torana that goes 400km/hr!! 10/10

      And yes……I need this expansion in my life.

  • Aww, I’m a bit dissapointed, not what I was hoping for – which was more land to drive and explore. I’m glad a lot of people seem keen on it though, it will handle better than trackmania. I can’t help but think this is better as a stand alone thing like the Fast and Furious was for FH2.

  • Theres a small part of me thinking “thats such a stupid idea”, with the rest of me shouting “SHUT YOUR CAKE HOLE” so loudly that the small part has needed to relocate to somewhere else in my body. So far, it hasnt advised a forwarding address.

  • This looks cool, but I can’t give them more money. I bought the Ultimate Edition thinking I’d get all the content they would release for it, but I didnt get jack. And paid more than $150. I’ve uninstalled it a long time ago now.

    P.s. Dont call something an Ultimate edition if it doesnt include all the content. I know better now, to read the fine print, but come on…

    • I got stung with the same thing a few years ago with an older Forza, I bought a season pass so I assumed that I would get all the DLC they released.

      What a fool I was.

    • Mate, everyone knows you don’t get all the content unless you pre-order the Ultimate Deluxe Limited Collectors Platinum Edition Pack and register for the paid trials of the next three sequels.

  • I’ve been tempted to pick up Forza Horizon 3 for a long time.
    This might be the thing that makes me pull the trigger on it.

    • Its well worth it. The Australian scenery alone makes it worth it. So beautiful. Plus the Aussie cars they added are amazing.

  • Hi my son wants to get the hotwheels expansion thingy for forza. Can you tell me if its 19.95 AUD or USD? Thanks

    • It’s $29.95 Australian. There’ll be an article up on the hour with a fresh link to the Microsoft Store about it, if that helps.

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