How EVE Players Trashed $22,000 Worth Of Ships In Just Three Easy Steps

One of EVE Online's most powerful alliances dealt a heavy blow to an opposing group yesterday, luring their opponents into a very costly trap that destroyed around $22,000 worth of virtual ships. Five Titan Class ships, the largest and most expensive ships in the game, were destroyed in just a few minutes, with the attacking crew taking minimal losses. Over 700 individual players ended up participating. Here's how they pulled it off.

Step 1: Spot the sucker.

The leader of the strike was Pandemic Legion fleet commander Killah Bee, who has been playing EVE since 2008. Ever since a rival alliance called Circle of Two had settled into their new home region in EVE's universe, Pandemic had been watching them closely. "They seemed to feel very safe," Killah Bee says. "They would drop [their expensive ships] on anything that moved through their region, any roaming gang at all. They were asking to get baited into something like this." Knowing that Circle of Two was not as experienced as their group at dealing with massive capital engagements, Pandemic Legion slowly moved a force of dreadnought-class ships and others into nearby systems, ready to pounce at the right moment.

Step 2: Set the bait.

While one of Circle of Two's massive capital industrial vessels was inside an asteroid belt mining ore, a sparse fleet of smaller vessels attacked it. These vessels actually belonged to the Goonswarm Federation, an alliance which is often at odds with Pandemic. But this time, they saw an opportunity to team up. "Whoever I can get kills with, I will work with," says Killah Bee.

The Goonswarm ships "tackled", in EVE parlance, the bigger ship, stopping it from being able to warp out of the battle. Then the small ships ignited a beacon that allowed friendly ships to warp into the battle. Quickly, eight dreadnought-class siege vessels appeared, firing at the industrial ship, which immediately called for assistance. Circle of Two's relief fleet arrived quickly, but that was all part of the plan.

Step 3: Spring the trap.

Killah Bee's prediction was right: Circle of Two sent its best, most expensive ships into the asteroid belt to deal with this skirmish. Capital and super capital forces began to engage the enemy dreadnoughts, coming in at a trickle while Pandemic Legion bided their time. Once several Titans and a handful of supercarriers had teleported in (unable to leave because smaller ships had been spreading warp disruption fields around the asteroids), Pandemic dropped the hammer: Eighty more capital vessels teleported in, quickly overwhelming Circle of Two's fleet with sheer numbers. In just a few minutes' time, Circle of Two had lost five vessels each worth over 100 billion ISK (in-game currency worth about $2100) and six more worth about 25 billion ISK (approximately $500) each.

What happens now? Both sides will have to rebuild their fleets, since the ships involved take anywhere between a few days to a month of real time to rebuild. For all the enormity of this battle, one of the most costly EVE skirmishes in years, it was an isolated incident, and not the beginning of a war, Killah Bee says: "We had a chance to kill ships, and we did."


    These EVE articles always end up reading the same. X had a beef with Y and decided to destroy $Z real money worth of stuff by [tricking them into an ambush / attacking their stuff in nullsec space / jumping them as they exited Jita]. It feels like once you've read one of these articles, you've read them all.

      In the flipside I could read these all day.

        It's always fresh to someone, I don't begrudge you that :) I've just been reading articles like this for ten years now and I always hope for something different but the formula always seems to be the same. It's been far too long since there was a good financial scam.

          Don't assume I am new to the world of EVE.

          Edit: I first played the game probably 2010. If I was unemployed I would jump back in. Too much of a time sink for me now.

          Last edited 07/04/17 3:44 pm

            Don't read into what I said something that isn't there.

    Translation into common MMO PVP parlance. Max level players grief newer players for lulz.

    This article has merit if only to show that EVE isn't all cool stories involving political intrigue, economic manipulation, and revenge dished up well and truly cold.

    I love reading these articles. Although i don't play this game, i'm hoping Star Citizen will be able to emulate these kind of experiences in the future.

    The stories are always more interesting than actually playing the game.

    An expensive, pre-meditated bait and gank - typical eve fuckwittery. 'I can kill something so I will' is one thing in a game with no real world repercussions (ignoring the inherent nihilism), but with actual cash/massive amounts of time on the line for the victims that justification just isn't sufficient. I've said it before and I'll say it again,

    The question I have then is how quickly can you earn in-game currency and are there tools for the massive "corporations", for want of a better word, to earn it quicker. Will they be able to recoup there losses in a week or two or did they actually spend $20K cash on these ships?

      No one actually spends $20K in the game. That's why these types of article always shit me, they cash-in [pun intended] on the naivety of non-eve players to make it sound like huge sums of money are going up in flames.

      It wasn't $22,000 "worth" of ships, because the ships aren't actually worth anything. Sure, there is a mechanism that you can more-or-less use real money to purchase in-game currency, but there is zero mechanism for that to go in the other direction. You are effectively buying time in the game.

      To further elaborate on your question, the amounts destroyed are somewhat trivial amounts for the big corporations and alliances. All production is player driven, so like the real world there are industrial oligarchies which have a huge amount of control over the economy. The more money you have, the more easily you can rapidly make more.

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