If World Of Warcraft Was On The NES

This is very cool.

Normally this sort of thing ("MODERN GAME MADE RETRO WHEEEEE...") can be a bit lame, but this is spot on. Very well put together, very on point.


    Raid happened too fast. Everyone didn't stand around for an hour, before the important healer called out "GTG CLAN NEEDS ME". Then someone randomly said "SORRY GF WAS BLOWING ME", then someone else screams "WHY ARENT WE STARTING" along with multiple "LEEEEEEEEEEEROY JENKIIIIIIIIIIIIINS"

      That was a dungeon though, so it was actually pretty close except no-one was swearing and no-one got vote kicked.

      Also the dps didn't run ahead and pull everything and then blame the tank/heals when they died.

        Being predominantly an alliance player, I wished they did pre-cata deadmines instead. :(

        But for what its worth... that was great.

    No way that's true to life. Nobody got lost in Wailing Caverns.

    Thats not WoW on SNES, its WoW on an NES, the SNES and MegaDrive were 16bit systems not 8bit like the NES and and Master System.

    the big give away is that mega drive and snes sound was not chiptune and they had a much greater colour palate.

      Uh... everything says NES. Dunno where you got SNES from?

        gah my eyes decieved me.. i read SNES >

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