In Japan, You Can Lift Weights With Maids

This is "Maid Gym". It's a weight training gym with, well, maids. Oh, if maids aren't your thing, there are also beefy butlers. 

[Image: Maid Gym]

As pointed out by Nari Nari, Maid Gym opens in Tokyo on April 10.

[Image: Maid Gym]

It was originally a crowdfunding project, which set out to raise 700,000 yen ($8220), but ending up doubling that, raking in 1,466,000 yen ($17,215). Below is the crowdfunding pitch video:

Maid Gym claims to be Japan's "first maid gym". I'll take their word for it.

おはようございますます☺️☺️ #メイド #workout #maidgym #workout

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[Image: Maid Gym]

Maid cafes really took off in Japan in the early 2000s, and now maid cafes are part of the country's otaku subculture. 

[Image: Maid Gym]

Around that time, there were also a few butler cafes, and with the recent limited-time only muscle cafes, beefy "butler" trainers seem like a welcome addition.

[Images: Maid Gym]

The staff seem to be in excellent shape.

One session lasts 50 minutes and is priced at 7500 yen ($88), and registration is free until October. 


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