Jane Foster Is Teaming Up With The Odinson And The New Ultimate Thor For A Thor-some Adventure

Jane Foster Is Teaming Up With The Odinson And The New Ultimate Thor For A Thor-some Adventure

There are a lot of people connected to the Thor mythology floating around in Marvel comics right now. There’s Jane Foster, the current God of Thunder. There’s the Odinson, the former Thor. And there’s a mysterious new “War Thor”, the new wielder of the Ultimate Universe’s Mjolnir. And they’re about to team up.

Image: Marvel Comics. The Mighty Thor #21 cover art by Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson

Revealed by Comic Book Resources today, The Mighty Thor #20 will set the stage for the Odinson (in the wake of his decision to stop seeking the worth of a Mjolnir at the end of The Unworthy Thor) and the new Ultimate Thor (who claimed the Ultimate Mjolnir at the end of the same miniseries) to join Jane and the epic war between the Shi’ar and Asgardians currently playing out in the pages of Mighty Thor.

“[Their identity is] initially a mystery, but it’s not one I’m going to stretch out for 12 issues again,” Mighty Thor writer Jason Aaron told CBR in an interview. “It’s not that sort of story. I don’t want to say too much other than this is indeed a version of Thor that’s different from Jane and the Odinson. It’s a character whose origins are tied into the War of the Realms.”

The full cover for Mighty Thor #21 by Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson. Have I mentioned how goddamn good the art in this book is?

But while Mighty Thor is still primarily Jane’s story, the addition of the Odinson and the new Ultimate Thor as supporting characters for the next few arcs will all tie into the wider war story that’s being told in the series. “Every arc that we do with this war is very much an escalation, and this is a major escalation in terms of that war. There are still multiple realms that haven’t been touched by the conflict. The war continues to spread though and that spread is accelerating,” Aaron said. “As Malekith’s power grows you either join his side or you fall before his army. We’ll see multiple realms effected by this over the course of this arc, and out of the growing horrors of this war emerges this new Thor who wields a hammer that we’ve never really seen in action in this universe. There’s still a lot of questions about the hammer in terms of the effect it can have on someone and what it can do. This is a Thor that has a lot of questions to answer.”

So many mysteries, so many spaceships to blow up with your space-viking-longboats, so little time! The Mighty Thor is one of my favourite ongoing series at Marvel right now, so to see it evolve with the presence of the former Thor and this new character will be very intriguing when it begins to play out in June.



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