JB Hi-Fi Just Received The Mother Lode Of Nintendo Classic Minis

Mini Nes at JB Hi-Fi

Christmas 2016 will forever be remembered as the year people went legit bananas for a retro NES console. The thing was a piece of plastic that only played 30 games from the 8-bit era - but nostalgia is a powerful thing. So powerful, that demand completely eclipsed supply, leading to crashed websites, exhausted stock and thousands of empty-handed customers.

For those still on a Zelda-like quest to procure this mythical gizmo, we have some good news: the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is now available in JB Hi-FI stores, Australia wide. Hurrah!

Update: The online link has sold out, but a JB staffer confirmed with Alex earlier today over the phone that all stores received a shipment of the NES Classic Mini this morning. You'll have to try your luck in store; if the option to buy online becomes available again, we'll let you know.

As reported on Press Start Australia, the biggest allocation of NES Classic Minis are now hitting JB Hi-FI stores around the country:

We can confirm that almost every JB Hi-Fi store in Australia has received stock with some stores receiving as many units as 50 units. This is by far the biggest drop of stock that JB Hi-Fi stores have seen since the unit released in November.

Hopefully, this means the days of struggling to purchase one online before the site crashes and/or stock runs out are history. You can purchase the console from JB Hi-Fi's online store which we've linked above. It's retailing for $99. (You should also pick up a second controller for $19 so you can play with a chum.)

Alternatively, here's a guide to building your own mini Nintendo SNES. All you need is a Raspberry Pi, some emulators and a little DIY know-how. It probably won't be as cute but it will play better games (and more of them.)

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[Via Press Start Australia]


    Meh Meh meh

    Last edited 06/04/17 1:53 pm

    Meh. Nintendo have done their dash with me. Terrible business practices, stupid design choices. They are right up there with apple for "look at how different we are" at the expense of common sense.

    Six months too late for me.

    Edit: also dead link. I clicked just in case it was accidentally listed for twenty bucks, but no dice. Product seems to have been pulled from site.

    Last edited 06/04/17 2:05 pm

    If you guys don't want them, I'll pick one up.

    They look like a bit of fun, especially since the NES is one of the few consoles I've had a chance to own/ borrow for an extended period of time.

    Now to hit saturation point where they need to be cleared out at silly prices :P

    Hmm the Raspberry Pi option actually looks a lot better, and about the same price.

    I think its pointless, people just swoop these devices up and then list them on ebay for triple the price. Also the link goes to a dead page.

    Good luck to all who go out to get one. I longed for one during the dry period and was left dejected but the Mini NES IS everything it's cracked up to be. With added Gradius.
    It's worth the hunt.

    "Aaaaaand its gone. Sorry kid this line is reserved for people who actually have money with this bank." LOL

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