Jeff Kaplan Smash Mouth Is Best Smash Mouth

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These videos are the best.

YouTuber Dinoflask's mashup creations of Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan discussing the game are already legendary. They've become so popular that Kaplan recently admitted that they're amazing - but also a little embarrassing.

So, cue Dinoflask's latest creation: Jeff Kaplan talking about throwing games with Hanzo mains to the tune of Smash Mouth's All Star.



    Although the videos are great, this has been a thing for a long time. Old news is old.

      Just because something is old, doesn't mean you should dismiss it. I hadn't seen it and was very amused by it.
      So thank you @alexwalker

        Thanks! And it was actually posted early morning yesterday (April 10), so it wasn't really "old".

          Please. That is so old. Come on, keep up with the times =P

            The channel has been posting these for months but go ahead and circle jerk.

              Yes, I'm well aware that Dinoflask has been posting for months. But this was recently posted, as in yesterday. It's a good mash up video.
              Maybe you should get off your high horse, before you tell other people what to do. You must be a very insecure person to have to leave awful comments that put people down on the internet to make you feel better. I hope you get the help, or friends that you need to make yourself a better person.

              Now, I'm going to get off my high horse, I go play some overwatch =P

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