Just Look At This Zelda Shield Parry

This is some anime superweapon-arse shit.

Shot, parry and video by GirKart64. Today, I have learned many things about Breath of the Wild's draw distance and enemy AI, and they are all good.


    This is some anime superweapon-arse shit.Not really, it's just a laser. A really slow moving laser, unless of course the distance Link traveled to get to the top of the hill is several billions of metres away, letting him see the light travel towards him for a few seconds. What's more impressive is that by swiping a shield with a non-reflective, uneven surface to the left reflects the beam along the exact same path it traveled to get there.

      This comment is a classic case of when being right makes you wrong.

      How is it a laser? That creature is magically animated so the beam must also be magi and behave in ways unique to magic beams that we barely can understand.

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