Look At This Little Mei Action Figure

Good Smile Company's Tracer Nendoroid now has some company: this Mei figure, who is cute as a forzen lil' button.

She's $US50 ($67), and will be out in November.

Just like the Tracer one, this figure's official name is "Nendoroid Mei: Classic Skin Edition", so we're surely not far off from a skin-variant bonanza on some of these things.


    If this doesn't come with a 'salt demon Mei' face, I suspect a third party company will produce custom faces for her.

    That's freaking adorable.

    OTOH I think Mei is the most infuriating character to face that's ever been conceived in any game, ever. For many characters in the game, the second her ice gun hits you you're fucked with no hope of escape HOWEVER you have to wait while she GRADUALY freezes you (you are not playing as a character with enough DPS to kill her before this happens or any escape abilities, and your team of publord shitters will absolutely not ever save you for any reason) and then watch as the player with terrible aim on the other end SLOWLY mouses over your skull...

    I am mad as hell every time.

    I'm kind of surprised they started the series with Tracer and Mei rather than D.Va, but perhaps they're testing the market before doing a bigger-sized one with her mech, along the lines of the Sakura Shinguji Nendoroid.

    Anyone know what company is making the Cayde-6 figures for the Destiny 2 preorders at EB? These look very similar.

      Looks to be just a fixed-pose super-deformed figure, probably made on the cheap in China by a random company. Definitely not a Nendoroid and doesn't look like one of the competitors. I wish it was, I'd happily buy a Cayde-6 Nendo and I don't even play Destiny any more. But I'm also addicted to collecting the things.

    Hey wallet... sorry, sorry, sorry.

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