Nintendo Finally Confirmed Ganondorf Has A Surname (A Badass Surname)

I didn't even know Ganon had a surname. But folks deep in the lore suspected it, now Nintendo itself confirmed it.

Yes, Ganon has a cool surname.

The name's Dragmire. Ganondorf Dragmire.

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The search for Ganondorf's full name began back in the Link to the Past days. Back then Nintendo Of America referred to Ganon as Ganondorf Dragmire. The name was never mentioned again, until now. Nintendo confirmed the name on a new online guide to Zelda.

But yeah, if you're gonna have a surname it might as well be completely badass.


Damn. That's pretty good.


    I'm pretty sure that this is old "Link to the Past" era old news.

      Read the story tho.

        Cant find the story Mark, can you please link?

        I'm referring to the title, and how it completely contradicts the story. Nintendo didn't just "Finally" confirm it. Zelda fans have known this for a long time.

          Do we really need a pedantic commentary about titles and content? Seriously...

    Guess this means that Link's surname is either 'Past' or 'Worlds'. Although what kind of deranged parent gives their kid middle names like 'to the' and 'between'?

      I think it's well established that Link's surname is also Link. Officially, his name is Link Link.

        I prefer to think of him like Madonna..

          ...with two green pointy pixie hats on his chest

            Now we're talking jocks! A Man with subtlety ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        Just like how Mario is actually Mario Mario and Luigi is actually Luigi Mario.

        Classic Ninty.

    Dragmire is a shit surname.

    Sounds like a dredger or a police diver.

    Better to have chosen Ganondorf Thunderpony.

    Dragmire sounds really familiar. If you had of asked I would have said it was in Wind Waker when you encounter him.

    Also Ganondorf and Ganon are technically two different characters.

    Strange. I could've sworn I've heard that last name referenced before...
    ...maybe on an SSB trophy? Hyrule Warriors? It wasn't in the Hyrule Historia...

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure his last name showed up on a Smash Bros trophy.

    Okay, apparently not the Melee trophies, but I know I've read it before! Also, I just reported this comment accidentally. Stupid phone.

    Last edited 21/04/17 12:09 pm

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