Off Topic: The Best Fast And Furious Movie

Off Topic: The Best Fast And Furious Movie

A friend, who shall remain nameless, blithely let slip the other day that they hadn’t seen a Fast and the Furious movie. Any of them. At all.

So the train was set in motion for a Fast and the Furious marathon, which sounds like a solid weekend of fun if you ask me. But then the inevitable question followed: out of them all, which Fast and the Furious movie is the best?

I still have a soft spot in my heart for Tokyo Drift. It epitomises the style of the Furious franchise before they went full Michael Bay. Some of the acting is downright terrible, and no-one in that high school passes for a teenager. But it’s good dumb fun, exactly what I want from the Furious franchise, and it showcases a locale and an environment that seems like it would be fun – and dangerous – to be in.

The franchise since then has been pretty silly, although it’s still a good popcorn flick nonetheless. Furious 7 was decent entertainment much in the same John Wick 2 was. You know what to expect, and the movie doesn’t disappoint. I think it’s actually overtaken the original Fast and the Furious, for my money.

What’s your favourite Fast and the Furious movie?


  • The first couple of movies were decent but they got stupid very quickly, the new one just looks dumb and not in a good way and they have scripts for another 3 movies.

    In my honest opinion, as harsh as this sounds they should have let the franchise die with Paul Walker, it would have had a somewhat memorable death.

  • I’ve never been a fan of the Fast and Furious films.

    I saw the first one when I was thirteen and it was okay. The second one in all honesty is probably my favourite, if I had to choose one. Tokyo Drift isn’t really considered a “sequel”, but more of an alternate story, so to speak.

    I think the current Fast and Furious movies are really stupid. This will be an exaggeration, but I was losing what little brain cells I have left, when I tried to watch Fast and Furious 7, the latest one with Jason Statham.

    I know many movies require you to “turn your brain off” and just have fun watching it, but with this film, it was agonizingly dumb.

    I tried to watch it when flying back to Australia from America but in the last half hour, I stopped watching, I couldn’t take it anymore. I guess that’s the equivalent of walking out of the cinema.

    In my opinion, this is a franchise that they need to stop making.

      • I have no idea what that means but compared to jumping from the inside of one skyscraper to the inside of another in a car, I’d say it’s a lot closer to reality than the later movies.

  • Can’t say I’ve ever been a fan. I think I saw the first one, but that’s it. They just look a little too ridiculous. The latest one looks plain stupid and the effects are terrible, just look at the scene with all those cars piling up around the corner. Yikes!

  • It’s the first movie Brian. It’s always been the first movie.

    All the others are…. They’re just fumes.

    I’ll have the tuna. No crust.

  • At the time i loved the original movies because i loved the sub culture at the time but they have not aged well since then. Tokyo drift was good. Take it for what it is. Big dumb fun.

  • I love how each film gets progressively more ridiculous so the latest is the best these days. Roll on Fate of the Furious!

  • I would say hands down the very first movie. It felt more genuine and the story was something a bit more believable. Not only that, everything was very grounded and it told a simple story of family and what sort of lengths friends go to in order to protect one another, like family. Also the characters were lovers of their craft, cars, racing and the mechanical side of it. As the movies go on, we seem to lose that. The characters seemed to have lost that something special, their passion and love for their craft. It then just turned into some shitty stunt movie one after another.

  • I like how the cast go from an underground street racing clique to becoming international military contractors.

  • Im surprised how many people dislike all the newer movies, I always thought they seemed pretty self aware of how silly they were.

    I enjoyed pretty much all of them but my favourite is probably Fast Five.

  • As a car movie, the first one, hands down.
    As an action movie, 5 and 6 were easily the best. These films are supposed to be super dumb, and it’s great. The additions to the cast have made them super fun.

    I actually didnt like 2 and 4. They were overall pretty boring.

  • They need to turn them into Cannonball Run movies now they are becoming more and more ridiculous!

  • Man although the first one was the worst production-wise, I just love the cheesy one liners and can remember so many to this day:


    “2JZ Engine?! No shit”

    “Overnight parts from Japaan”


    Ah shit, I could go all day.

    • “I like the Tuna here” “Bullshit asshole! Nobody likes the tuna here”

      • *sniff sniff* “I smell… skanks”
        “YOU UMBURRUS ME!”
        “Too soon junior”
        “Any drink you like, as long as it’s Corona”

        I too could go all day.

  • As someone who built and raced a few different cars (in a different category) I find the downright retarded setup and driving positions in the movie cars so infuriating that I cant enjoy the plot.

    • I almost made it through the first one send as I posted above I gave out with “over manifold pressure ” and his floor pan falls out.

  • Probably five, that was where it embraced the ridiculous and ran with it. Loved it.

  • ::Possible Spoilers::
    The original is #1 for me. I don’t mind that it contains various continuity errors and other production mistakes. It’s warm hearted and colorful in all the right places, plus I like the way Rob Cohen (the director) insisted on making the cars characters, having them stand out by making the rest of some shots look bland. They even paid to repaint some of the houses around Toretto’s lunch bar.

    With 2F2F, they unfortunately lunged into overkill mode by blinging up the movie from the start- the overzealous placement of road closed signs, the neon film title, the blinged-up goers of the race meet, the bridge jump. Then they grabbed the Miami+Colombian drug lord theme off the shelf that’s been done so many times. This movie improved with age however, due to the direction the movies have since taken.

    Tokyo is ok, the girl in it annoys me though. Ricer styled cars stopped being the in thing around the time TD came out (2006), which is ok cause the rice was toned down in this film anyway. These days however, with the way the world has changed over the last decade+, I believe we all very much enjoy the ricer cars of the first 3 films as a guilty pleasure of a bygone era.

    4 (FaF), things got a bit serious, maybe too serious. One of the pillars of the film was the build-up to the return of the Charger from the first film… Which sadly proceeded to do nothing spectacular and was just used to get from A to B. It was also sacrificed (bailed from), allowed to hit a wall and explode while escaping the tunnel, but made a miraculous recovery to reappear at the end somehow.. even if it was set maybe a month later..

    5 is good all-round entertainment. 6 is ok, but drags a little, The NATO base plot/exiting it was silly. In 7 they become The Avengers. And I hope they didn’t really destroy a perfectly good Plymouth Roadrunner or whatever it was…

  • I remember thinking tokyo drift was very average back when it came out but now after all the others being released it sits much higher in my books.

    Favourite has to be the first one by far, the length to which it shaped my teenagehood is beyond rediculous, still wear my converse on a regular basis…

  • 2 Fast 2 Furious. Because:

    A: Its the first one i ever saw
    B: Nothing beats Brians R34 Skyline in that movie. Best car in the entire series

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