Overwatch's 'Uprising' Event Adds New Co-Op Brawl, 100 New Items

Overwatch's latest event takes us back to simpler times: When robots tried to take over London. Ah, the good ol' days.

The event is called Uprising, and it adds a new co-op brawl (think the Junkenstein's Revenge Halloween event) about Tracer's first mission. Here's Blizzard's description of the brawl:

Journey seven years into the past and join a group of Overwatch agents fighting through the streets of King's Row to quell an uprising led by Null Sector, a rogue group of omnics. Team up with your friends and play as Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, or Mercy to defeat the robots and liberate the city. There are no reinforcements. Failure is not an option. The future depends on you.

And here's a video:

Jeff From The Overwatch Team added that there's a second version of the brawl in which you can play as any hero you want. "We heard after the Junkenstein event that a lot of people wanted to play with any hero they wanted," he said. "So we're giving you sort of two versions: The intended version, but also the super fun play-whoever-you-want version."

The event also adds over 100 new cosmetic items. These include classic Overwatch uniform skins, as well as Hotwatc — I mean Blackwatch Genji.

Here are just a handful of them:

Also, please enjoy this extremely good D.Va highlight intro:

Uprising runs from now until May 1. Get to it.


    Loving the event however can't but feel... disappointed that eight of the ten skins are Legendary. I just feel that is a bit unfair.

      Acti Blizzard has obviously figured out that people hoard credits and must therefore make more items more expensive in order to encourage binge buying of loot boxes.

      I am level 530 ish and I have so many coins I can buy half these skins on day 1. Also, they are legendary because they are full redesigns, or the change voice lines/animations. Epics and below are only skin recolours.

      We've had events in the past that gave as too few legendaries tbh. I'm glad they are pushing out more. I just wish it wasn't yet another Tracer/Rein skin...

    Given some of the opening videos I watched on youtube this morning, like normal, I will look forward to atrocious drop rates more than the skins. As much as I sorta of trust Blizzrd to look after their customers loot boxes are nothing better than digital gambling. (if you choose to buy them). Designed more to entice you to buy more, more than to make you excited. I cant speak for anyone else but when I get a loot box in game as a reward, my first thought isnt "oh cool loot must open it now" it is "so wonder if this one will be three greys and a blue or three blues and a grey, and try and guess how many are duplicates"... then every now and again when you get that one glorious item you want, my feeling isnt excitement but simply relief.

    For me one change can make them a bit more balanced... take the greys and the blues you already have out of the pot, that way the more you play and the more you earn the more chances you have of getting stuff you dont have.

      I bought 50 boxes (as I do each event) and got one of Torb's legendaries, Genji's Blackwatch legendary, the new epics for Bastion & Reinhardt, & Orisa's new legendary; the new victory poses for Lucio, Winston & Symmetra; Pharah's new emote, Soldier's new emote, Hanzo's new emote twice, Zen's new highlight intro, & D.Va's awesome new highlight intro twice!

      And then because I had to have it I bought Torb's brilliant new highlight intro :)

        Wow congrats, you got some brilliant luck there. as long as I get my Tracer and Mercy skin and that awesome DVA intro I will be happy.

          Buying 50 boxes isn't really luck. I guess I had similar drop rates during the Lunar New Year, but it was spread over hundreds of matches and got really tiring to grind. Haven't played since

      Or at the very least guarantee 1 item always from loot box that is not a duplicate so tired of seeing duplicatesx4, on average I see 1 box out of 3 will contact a new 1 or 2 new items (usually grey)

    Seems like half the group found all the discarded Megaman armor

    Great, so now I can get reported for playing as Torb in the event brawl and not just comp.

    (Context: I've had over 120 reports of Unsporting Behavior made against me on Xbox in the last few months because I main Torb in comp.)

    Guess I'll have to try and pull myself away from Splatoon and dust this old thing off for a while...

    Just wrote this up. If it's too big, I apologize.

    Overwatch Uprising Loot

    Skins - 25,500

    Bastion - Null Sector (750)
    Genji - Blackwatch (3000)
    McCree - Blackwatch (3000)
    Mercy - Combat Medic Ziegler (3000)
    Orisa - Null Sector (3000)
    Reinhardt - Lieutenant Wilhelm (750)
    Torbjorn - Chief Engineer Lindholm (3000)
    Torbjorn - Ironclad (3000)
    Tracer - Cadet Oxton (3000)
    Widowmaker - Talon (3000)

    Emotes - 2250

    Hanzo - Training (750)
    Pharah - Flair (750)
    Soldier: 76 - Push-Ups (750)

    Victory Poses - 1350

    Genji - Meditate (225)
    Lucio - Handstand (225)
    McCree - Showdown (225)
    Symmetra - Light Reading (225)
    Winston - Peanut Butter (225)
    Zarya - This Is Strength (225)

    Voice Lines - 3600
    Damn (75)
    The Ghost Watches (75)

    Dwee Wee Woh (75)

    Not Taking Me Seriously (75)
    Try And Keep Up (75)

    Another (75)
    Life And Death Balance (75)

    Beauty In Simplicity (75)
    Unacceptable (75)

    Come The Raw Prawn (75)
    Too Right (75)

    Boop (75)
    Learn To Take It Easy (75)

    A Man's Gotta Have Rules (75)
    The Old Fashioned Way (75)

    Science This (75)
    Scientific Explanation (75)

    Not Sure Why I Bother (75)
    Take Care Of Yourself (75)

    Error: Division by 0 (75)
    Functionality Still In Beta (75)

    Don't Take it Personally (75)
    I Am The Rocket Queen (75)

    Amateur Hour (75)
    Moving On (75)

    Easy Does It (75)
    Unstoppable (75)

    Killed For Less Than That (75)
    She'll Be Right (75)

    Soldier: 76
    Not Getting Any Younger (75)
    Whatever You Say (75)

    Don't Be A Coward (75)
    I'd Love To Stay And Chat (75)

    Kindly Adjust (75)
    Taken Under Advisement (75)

    Just Start Hammering (75)
    Poor Craftsman (75)

    Don't Be Daft (75)
    Sorry I'm Late (75)

    The Performance Begins (75)
    Your Emotions (75)

    Have You Seen My Glasses (75)
    I Have The Right Stuff (75)

    I Was Born In Battle (75)
    Ready To Give Up? (75)

    Path To Enlightenment (75)
    Where You're Headed (75)

    Sprays - 1800

    Strike Team - Null Trooper
    Complete Uprising with each of the 4 heroes.

    Handle With Care - Slicer
    Delivery the payload with Over 80% health in Uprising on Hard difficulty

    Mission Complete - Eradicator
    Complete Uprising on Hard difficulty.

    Replacements - Nullmari
    Complete Uprising (All Heroes) with 8 different heroes.

    Distinguished Service - OR14-NS
    Complete Uprising on Legendary difficulty.

    Ana - Newborn (75)
    Bastion - Sunken (75)
    D.Va - Handheld (75)
    Genji - Ramen (75)
    Hanzo - Ramen (75)
    Junkrat - Sidecar (75)
    Lucio - Skates (75)
    McCree - Target Practice (75)
    Mei - Pajamas (75)
    Mercy - Combat Medic (75)
    Orisa - Flower (75)
    Pharah - Target Practice (75)
    Reaper - Commando (75)
    Reinhardt - Poster (75)
    Roadhog - Chopper (75)
    Soldier: 76 - Commando (75)
    Sombra - Espresso (75)
    Symmetra - Student (75)
    Torbjorn - Brigitte (75)
    Tracer - Slipstream (75)
    Widowmaker - Wedding (75)
    Winston - Building (75)
    Zarya - We Can! (75)
    Zenyatta - Shell (75)

    Highlight Intros - 2250

    D.Va - Selfie (750)
    Torbjorn - My Baby (750)
    Zenyatta - Perspective (750)

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