Passengers, But Better

Did you ever see Passengers and think, "If only this movie was better." And unfortunately, there's a change that could have been made that would have improved things markedly.

Nerdwriter1 on YouTube tried a simple experiment: what would Passengers look like if the film was shot from the perspective of Jennifer Lawrence, from the point in time when she wakes up, rather than from the perspective of Chris Pratt?

So he went about editing footage to achieve precisely that goal. And as it turns out, it has a creepily good effect on the film. Chris Pratt becomes more of the villain he was supposed to be, given the situation, and the film takes on a sense of mystery as the viewer has to piece together what happened on the ship as Pratt leads Lawrence around.

Maybe one day we'll get a superfan cut of Passengers, but improved. And the whole thing is a good thought exercise: what other films could be improved by juggling things around?


    You see this in every creative industry, including games. The suits rush in cause they smelled the cash a mile away and then stifle any kind of actual artistry in the hopes of a quick safe buck. These people often come from completely different areas of media (film execs in games industry, for example) and as a result, don't understand the strengths and weaknesses of the medium. It's not coincidence that Transformers and Call Of Duty's peaks and declines happened at the same time. Games trying to be Michael Bay movies.

    It's clear Passengers had a more interesting story to tell that was sacrificed to play up the star power and chemistry of Pratt and Lawrence. The irony is, if these suits let the creators actually create, they'd see more money, not less.

    Ah, "remix" culture. Kudos!

    As art can be quite literally anything, I applaud their creativity :)

    I quite enjoyed most of Passengers, got sucked right into its world. But the last half-hour was just painfully bad. So much groaning and eye-rolling. Spoiled what could have been a really interesting film.

      Totally agree. And such a cop-out ending.

      If I did it...

      He'd have stayed dead. No auto-doc, no hibernation pod. "1 year later" she's at the bar, talking to Arthur and trying to figure out who she's going to wake up because she can't bear to face the loneliness any longer. Fade to black.

      Yeah it was pretty cheezy, but I could forgive it since the movie needed a climax of some sort, and J.Law's acting helped sell me on it.
      Also, I went in with very low expectations, and the rest of the movie had already surpassed those expectations, the last part brought it down, but only a little bit.

        Hah, I tried my best to avoid any trailers for the movie. These 2 guys in space? Cool! I'm in. But Hollywood was intent on making sure I knew the storyline and all the "surprises" before seeing that movie. I closed my eyes, blocked ears, but at one point zoned out and saw the trailer and was like "DAMN IT!", so when they have the movie build up to the bartender, it acts like it's some grand surprising reveal :(

        Agree with all the comments above. I had crazy low expectations after that, but still enjoyed it. I would have been just as happy having a movie where things DON'T go horribly wrong for X reason, relying on a ragtag hero/heroes to solve what seem like insurmountable odds against... surprise... a deadline

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