Persona 5 Menus Make Everything Better

Source: Chris Person

Persona 5's user interface is so beautiful and distinctive that the internet is now plastering it on nearly everything as a joke.

In his review of the game, editor-at-large Kirk Hamilton says, "Persona 5 is one of the most stylish video games I've ever played. It restlessly pulses toward the corners of your TV screen, as if unable to contain its overabundance of verve. This game doesn't run, it bounces, helped along by a giddy and unusually cohesive audio-visual aesthetic."

The battle menus in the dungeons have an especially kinetic feel — they pulsate and react to every button you press, giving the player a sense of forward momentum as they beat up demons. It's such a visually distinct style that plunking it on top of other media is just inherently funny.

After Twitter user Brent_Bento made a transparent version of the battle menu, there's been a nonstop stream of new memes made with it.

People put it on top of other games, of course:

But honestly, this menu works on anything. And I mean anything.

Chris Person, video editor for Gizmodo Media Group and voice of Highlight Reel, has been having a lot of fun with this meme. God bless him.


    Is there anyone still trying to find Persona 5 in Melbourne?

      Do you mean the CBD? Whirlpool said that it is sold out everywhere in the city. JB HI FI sold out so quickly (online), I never saw it once on the website (they had like 12 copies when I walked in one of the city's JB, that was just 10 mins after they opened on the first day) I think EB games is the only place that stills sells it out of the big main 4 (EB, JB, BW and Target).

      Last edited 12/04/17 9:05 pm

    Break dancing Moe remains my favourite at this point

    I must be one of the few people who thinks P5's UI is far too noisy and cluttered. There's a lot happening and the colour contrast isn't great. It's stylish yes, but it's often at the cost of readability and understanding.

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