Popular Counter-Strike Streamer Redeems Himself After Humiliating Molotov Accident

One year ago, popular streamer Jaryd "Summit1g" Lazar dropped the proverbial ball off a cliff when, while subbing on a pro CSGO team, he managed to lose a round he'd basically won by walking into his own molotov. The moment became infamous overnight. Now, though, Summit has redeemed himself. With his face.

This year, Summit ended his hiatus from pro CSGO and joined a team called Mythic. During a match the team streamed, Summit once again came face-to-face with his old nemesis, on the same map as the comically unfortunate Molotov Incident, no less. This time, though, Summit prevailed:

Skip to 1:29:30 to see the moment unfold.

A member of the other team hurled a molotov intended to give Summit's team a lot of trouble. They did not, however, count on Summit barrelling down the hallway and blocking the molotov with his face. Neither did Summit, for that matter.

"I think I blocked a molly," he shouted as he took out the person who threw it. "I did! That was a complete accident."

Then he referenced the 2016 molotov incident, which he once called "the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened" to him. After his team won the round, he turned to the camera and shouted, "I've conquered it!" His team whooped and cheered.

"Get fucked, molotov," Summit added.


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