Quake Champions, As Played By A Champion

Image: id/Bethesda

There's nothing better than seeing Quake, played by a Quake champion.

That's the drawcard in the latest Quake Champions trailer, which stars raw, uncut footage. The extra bonus: the player in the game at the time is John "ZeRo4" Hill, one of the best players in the history of Quake 3 from North America.

Hill was actually announced as the esports manager for Quake Champions a couple of months ago. It generally bodes well when you have someone who was winning major Quake tournaments 17 years ago working on your Quake sequel. But enough of that. More rockets.

The closed beta for Quake Champions will kick off later this week overseas, with Australians to get local servers "a few weeks after we go into our closed beta", according to id's Tim Willits. Those who were clever enough to pretend they were in the United States or Canada: check your emails tomorrow or early Friday.


    Can't wait to give this a try! QUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

      You have summed up my thoughts far more eloquently than I ever could.

    That is certainly quake. I do wonder if we will have non-hero modes though.

      Yeah, heroes are pretty much the only thing turning me off.

        They aren't specifically a turn off for me, but I can't reconcile this to be a true Quake game if there isn't a non-hero mode.

          I just don't think heroes need to be a thing in every fps these days. Especially competitive shooters, as they always tend to mess with balance.

            The heroes part may be the only thing that could draw in a bigger audience. Arena shooters are pretty much made to die nowadays.

      TBH that looked pretty vanilla Quake 3 TDM to me with no hero powers observed and I couldn't see anything that would indicate hero abilities or a power bar.

      I doubt Id would make it hero powers only as that would turn away part of their player base; especially since all Id need to do is disable hero powers/differences and bam you've satisfied that player base & created a whole "new" game mode to advertise.

      The crosshair is a bit disappointing; Id should stick with the simple dot/circle.

      Last edited 05/04/17 11:21 am

        Usually they offer a choice of crosshairs. Hopefully they're going to offer it in this too.

      I'm sure I read somewhere that there will be a mode where you can play without the champion abilities. I hope it was right. Would be good to have a choice of whether to use them or not.

    I better be able to rebind my Rocket Launcher key to Q and Shotgun to E

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