Comment was the first person to nail it on Friday: the last ScribbleTaku was the original F-Zero, specifically the boost indicators from the HUD. Well done, mate.

Let's see how you all go today.

Good luck!


    Way of the exploding fist!!!!

      Only if it's been rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Also if it's the worst yin yang ever drawn.

      But that was also my first thought when I saw this.


          What's the mousepad, by the way? I was trying to figure out what the graphic was last week as well but got distracted.

            It's one of those full desk sized ones from Battlefield 1. We got a couple sent over when the game came out and they've been not to bad. Still prefer the superthin Razer Goliathus for anything where I want to win (CSGO etc.) though, but it's one of the better cloth pads I've used.

              Ah, cool. I thought it looked pretty big. Shame it's cloth but at least it's good cloth.

        That's artistic licensing to clearly make it more difficult!!

    All i can think of is Zenyatta from overwatch.

    Reminds me of something from Commander Keen. Could be mixing it up with another game though.

    Double Dragon

    Every time I see a Yin/Yang on this, I think it must (finally!) be Battle Realms.

    I mean, I know it's not... but...

    Battle Realms.

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