I didn't think it was going to get guessed for a while, but eventually spongebobfish came through. Yesterday's game was Civilization, with the statue specifically being the Colossus wonder - or what you see of it - after it's been built in a city. Nice pick mate, especially since my drawing wasn't the best.

Let's see how you all go with today's game.

Good luck! And if you want to send your own scribbles in, DM me on Twitter or just email me.


    The square border makes me doubt it, but it reminds me of the hand in Black & White

      Does look a bit like that, doesn't it. Buuuut, Black & White was right handed. How many games use a left-handed icon...? Sinister!

    one of the Dragon Age games?

    This is super familiar abut every idea I have is wrong
    Epic Mickey

    One of the quest for glory's (except 5, 5 had a circle not a square)

    Is it the dueling glove from Mario party series?

    dungeon keeper 1 or 2?

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