It only took three minutes before Wisehacker picked up the most recent ScribbleTaku as Okami - which is testament to how on point scree's drawing was. Nice stuff.

But you're all good and relaxed. Maybe today's will be a little trickier.

Good luck! And thanks to scree again for the image.


    Another Code: Dual Memories.

    Are you kicking around in my head without me knowing it, @scree?

        The wrist band is throwing me off though; I don't think Ashley had it until the sequel on the Wii.

        Recollection aside, I loved that game back in the day. Pretty much anything one could think of with the DS was used as a mechanic.

        Some puzzles even needed flipping or angling the top screen to be solved.

        Last edited 17/04/17 12:38 pm

          Some of them were so hard though. I also thought she only had wrist bands in the sequel, but they're on the cover of the DS game

        How are you guys finding my reference images? D=

      No. And wow, that was quick. I thought it might be a bit harder. Maybe digital drawings. =P

        It actually was hard; I just got phenomenally lucky that you drew one of my favourites and the usual masters seem to be on holiday.

        You're last one is another favourite of mine. Really should finish Oukami one of these days.

        I still think you're doing a Charles Xavier and reading my memories, :-P

        Last edited 17/04/17 12:58 pm

          Maybe we just like the same games?
          Anyway, wait until tomorrow. I think there's 2 more that I drew

    Nintendo Game and Watch

    I'm sorry @alexwalker I don't seem to be doing too well.

      Depends on how one measures difficulty. Today and last week's are (technically) obscure games than only one or two people here have played.

      Seriously, besides me (and I'm assuming you as well), who else can say they have played either Another Code game?

      I've actually played and finished both. Pity Cing is no more.

        I have played and finished both myself as well. I enjoyed all the Cing games I've played. I'm missing again and the last window from my Cing collection

          "Again"? Looks like I'm missing one as well.

          I also have Hotel Dusk and The Last Window.

          And now I'm starting to wish the work day is over so I can dig my DS out.

      I think this works better more when people remember the game, rather than it being a game people don't recognise at all. So on that front, you've done extremely well!

        So far my longest one is 2 hours.
        I might do some digital ones, as my phone camera is pretty crap

    Does this mean it's NOT Public Toilet Soap Dispenser Tycoon?

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