Singer Says He Picked Kpop Over Esports

Singer Says He Picked Kpop Over Esports

Quick! Which would you rather be, a Kpop star or a gaming pro? Wanna-be idol Choi Dong Ha is choosing music.

[Image: Mnet Official]

Choi is appearing on reality music show Produce 101 Season 2. According to mainstream news sites Joongang Daily and Insight, he claims to have received offers to become a gaming pro after apparently ranking 30 worldwide in Overwatch.

But since he says gaming is only his hobby, he’s focusing on singing. No word on what moniker he played under, and it doesn’t appear as though Choi has offered any footage from his hobby to confirm his claim. We do know for certain he’s good at dancing and singing, though.

“My dream was to be on stage as a singer,” he says (via Joongang Daily), requesting that people vote for him on Produce 101. If they don’t, maybe he can cash in on those apparent gaming skills!


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