So Who Won Our Yooka-Laylee Competition?

So Who Won Our Yooka-Laylee Competition?

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to design your own animal pairing for a chance to win a copy Yooka-Laylee on Xbox One or PS4.

Here are our winners, broken down by console.


Trum-Pet (Freedom Edition) by @Porridgeman

Can build walls to get to higher locations and has big hands to smack things.

Trom-Boneless by @leroy_lemon

A giraffe and his aloof python buddy. Old mate Trom struggles for oxygen from time to time, and as a result doesn’t get around too fast. But at least his neck’s never cold.

Tri-Angle by @surrenarteni

A triceratops and an angler fish being best friends!

Rich-Bra by @sopra2

In the wild these two animals have a symbiotic relationship. They come together and form a special bond with each other due to their weaknesses that they have. But because of the strengths these animals also have, when they do come together they create one full set of senses allowing the two animals to sense and then escape when in immediate danger.

Bossa-Nova by @river_xi

Jaguar cub Bossa and her toucan friend Nova journey through Latin America on a quest to unite the creatures of the land against the destruction of their environment. From pan-flute playing alpacas in the Andes to conga-loving capybaras in the Pantanal; slow-tangoing sloths in the Amazon and Carnival-crazed capuchins on the coast, Bossa and Nova must use the power of music to bring together all animals big and small.

Playstation 4

Bare-Gills by @dirtnasty

A naked koala and a mullet fish. Suns going down, better drink…

Soar n Hops by @rw2017

A kangaroo and eagle!

Roller-Keister by @Gadam86

Armoured ant eater and baboon. Keister can throw and roll Roller. Swing him by tongue like ball chain. Roller can be sent into tight areas the get special items in motion controlled tilt mazes. Or used as a toboggan in down hill races.

Sax & Oboe by @rajelangelo

A raccoon and python!

Shimee-Changa by @beto

The Axolotl and spirit toucan duo traveling through the scary land of JURSOGON!

Thanks very much for entering, everyone! Winners, you’ll be contacted via email to arrange your prizes.


  • Thanks Kotaku Team 🙂 and Russia???

    Congrats to everyone else who won.
    Well done by all who participated – some absolute pearlers were entered.

      • Haha thanks mate. I had plenty of ideas. Mexico alone was going to crowd-fund my game. 😛

        Yours was pretty good too though. I want it in colour now… I will wait patiently 🙂

  • …Winnie the Roo?

    Some great stuff there. Love all the references back to the original B-K art.

  • Holy crap most of these images look FANTASTIC. We have some really creative readers on this site. Well done guys!

  • Aw snap. Thanks Kotaku crew! Turned my regular Wednesday into a totally pretty cool Wednesday.

    • Also a whole bunch of these submissions make me wish I’d gone to the effort of colouring mine in. Oh well, it did the job!

  • Has anybody received the email yet? If not, any idea when it will be sent? Don’t want to miss the 48h deadline!

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