Someone Slipped The Konami Code Into The Bank Of Canada's Website

Image: Bank of Canada

Turns out someone at the Bank of Canada (well, its web team at least) is not only a gamer, but has a sense of humour. We know the government's Twitter account has a love of Pokemon, so why not go even more retro?

Australia isn't the only country rolling out new plastic notes. Canada has a fresh take on its $10 note, with a revamped design coinciding with Canada's 150th birthday (so to speak).

OK, nothing exciting so far. The Bank of Canada's page for the new note has all the content you'd normally expect, but there's a little secret if you know the Konami Code.

A little rusty on your old-school cheats? Here's a reminder:

Image: Wikipedia

Yep, just enter this sequence while viewing the page and you'll be rewarded with a rain of notes and the national anthem. Definitely a cute touch.

Explore the new $10 Note [Bank of Canada, via Blue's News]


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