Spider-Men 2 Will Reveal The Miles Morales Of The Prime Marvel Universe

Miles Morales might be swinging around alongside Peter Parker these days as Spider-Man, but before that, he came from an alternate reality: Earth-1610, the "Ultimate Marvel" universe. Five years after the company first pondered the question, a new comic will answer who the hell the "original" Miles Morales of Earth-616 was.

Back in 2012, the miniseries Spider-Men paired up Miles Morales and the Peter Parker of Earth-616 — his Ultimate universe counterpart was of course dead at this point, with Miles acting as his replacement as the Ultimate Spider-Man — for the very first time. That series concluded with Peter Parker nonchalantly googling Miles' name to see if his Earth had an equivalent, only to be faced with a shocking (unrevealed) answer:

Well, that answer is finally going to be revealed in Spider-Men 2, a five-part miniseries from Miles' original creative team, Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli and Justin Ponsor. Revealed today by Nerdist, the new series — now, of course, set in a world where Ultimate Miles and Peter are side-by-side as Spider-Men — will tackle the cliffhanger from the first series. But aside from that, according to Bendis, Spider-Men 2 will also delve into the ongoing emotional beats of Peter and Miles' weird relationship to the Spidey legacy:

Miles and Peter are dealing with each other more often. The legacy that Peter started as Spider-Man is in his face a little bit more. When [Peter] started being Spider-Man, he didn't have the idea that other people would pick up the mantle. This premise, this theme, gets analysed from different perspectives, and Miles and Peter are at the center of that.

That all ties in nicely to what Marvel has been teasing with the upcoming Generations miniseries, dealing with the future of big-name heroes that have been split between an era of classic characters and a new generation that has taken on their mantle. Getting a similar sort of story out of Generations — which begins at the same time as Spider-Men 2, and will already have its own Peter/Miles story written by Bendis — that will also hold the answer to this old mystery makes a lot of sense.

Spider-Men 2 will hit shelves this July.


    I feel really bad for this line, it seems to be suffering from Marvel fatigue even though it is a pretty good read.

    I don't understand - the multiverse collapsed. How can we find out who the other Miles Morales was? What does it matter? Wasn't he killed alongside billions of other humans?

      Pretty much putting money on Ben Reilly made yet another clone or something stupid like that.

      miles isn't from the 616 he survived the incursion.

    remember Spiderman miles is from the ultimate universe he managed to survive the incursion and destruction and molecule man made his life possible in the 616. but that doesn't mean that the 616 Miles Morales doesn't exist or would have been killed off. He is probably just living his life somewhere. Being that originally he is only a few years younger than Peter from the Ultimate universe. And so 616 Miles is likely way older than ours.

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