Square Enix Fixed Vaan's Freaky Abs In FF12: The Zodiac Age

In last year's Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age trailer, it looked like we'd be stuck with Vaan's spray-on abdominals. But now it seems like we won't. Thank goodness for that!

[Image: Square Enix]

Below is a comparison from last year showing how Vaan's PS2 abs stack up to the ones in the remaster's debut trailer.

[Image via Cycu1]

Still freaky!

Earlier this autumn, people noticed that Square Enix had apparently fixed Vaan's abs.

See? They look normal.

In the most recent trailer for Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, we see that, yes, Vaan no longer has spray-on abs.

These new abs might be Square Enix's best remastering work yet.


    They didn't really fix them, don't listen to Ondore's lies.

    I've played through that entire game twice & honestly have no recollection of that weird-arse torso! (Probably because I was playing in standard-def...) Looks like something out of Alien!

      Same - I couldn't tell through my shitty TV the size of a small house.

    Oh, I love how people complain how it looks bad when it's literally explainable by being a flat texture on a mesh because it's the fucking PS2 era and complex models were years and years away. Even these days we still have a shit tonne of cutting corners when it comes to graphics, I don't get gamers...

    I played this on an emulator for pc....*shush*...Man, so impressed but I was a little disturbed by the abs....Can't wait for the remaster.

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