Star Citizen 3.0 Update Coming In June, Will Add Moons You Can Land On

Celin is one of the moons being added in 3.0. The giant space-sim is getting its next big update on June 29 which will include, among a litany of other stuff, the ability for players to take their ships out into space and dock on of a handful of moons.

The addition of this new "Planetary Tech" will help expand what players can do in Star Citizen and offer a glimpse of the planetary exploration that's currently being worked on. An extensive Production Schedule Report released by Robert Space Industries lists the rest of the new features expected to arrive as part of 3.0 in some detail, as well as the timeline for everything going forward. Of course, it comes with few caveats, including that the schedule only consists of estimates, is potentially not conservative enough, and might be delayed if the team isn't satisfied without how a particular feature is coming along.

I have to admit, I get exhausted just hearing the words "Star Citizen," and the game's latest update schedule is a perfect example of why. In the new post containing some 4,000 words, the game's developer outlines everything that will be coming with 3.0.

For instance, an inventory support system that will help players manage the cargo on their ships is estimated to be completed by June 1. And indeed, the video released in conjunction with the production schedule spends a lot of time talking about cargo.

"You have to think about potentially weight distribution within the ships which that impacts the IFC model. You have to think about the way the players interact with the cargo whether that's physically or in a kiosk, so you have to figure out all the sub-systems behind the kiosk in order to understand how you're going to utilise cargo whether it's in your ship or in your hangar."

"Can you walk into your cargo bay, pick something up, and take it out? That's another piece of work that we need to schedule."

If the 20 minute video convinces you of at least one thing, it will be this: cargo is complicated. Especially in a game as complicated as Star Citizen, which creator Chris Roberts believes might me the most ambitious game ever created.

The crowdfunded project has raised over $US146 ($193) million to-date, and despite its fair share of delays, the single-player campaign was due out last year, the leviathan of a space-sim seems to be creeping along at a not entirely petty pace. Updates 3.1 and 3.2, expected later this year, will introduce even more planetary exploration, including underwater caves, as well as the ability to apparently drown in those caves.

Stretch goals remain redacted, but it's possible full-animated CPR could be among them.


    SC is that game you watch from the shadows, forever praying that it makes it to release, but you can't pay too much attention to it due to development cycle issues. Whenever there is a set back, it always seems to trace back to one of the first decisions made; Cryengine.

    This makes me wander how much further they would have been a long in development if they had have gone with one of the many other mainstream game engines or maybe even developed their own.

      "Star Citizen has been ported to a new engine and will use Amazon's Lumberyard going forward"

      This was back in December.

        Lumberyard is Cryengine with a bit of added Network functionality.

        That being said it was probably still easier than writing an engine completely from scratch, which would have been the only viable alternative. This way they at least had an engine that was great for shooters to start and work with. They knew from the start that a lot of adjustments would be necessary.

        Michel Ancel and his team spent the last 3 years just building an Engine that is similarly capable as what CIG now has, meanwhile CIG could develop a shitton of assets in an already working engine in roughly the same timeframe.

    How do they even get to call it 3.0? If we go buy naming conventions of 1.0 being the final released version of a game and follow with patches to 1.2 and such, then 2.0 and even 3.0 mean it is a significantly expanded version of a completed game. Nothing is completed in this game yet. It has not even reached 1.0 status yet.

    I can't see how any backers can feel happy with their investments.

      3.0 of the BETA. Like, its not that hard.

      i guess (i was thinking this too) its 0.3.0

      also imthinking... what if chris roberts passes away? hopefully this game will continue...

      now that the hype has died down for it, and I love my space games, I hope this gets to a semi playable state.... forget about most the absurd stretch goals

        Nah, Chris Roberts won't pass away. Flee to South America, maybe.

      I think you'll find they're referring to it as "Alpha Release 3.0" (or "Pre-Alpha Release 3.0", can't remember), rather than just 3.0.

    I backed it when it was first announced. The first game I ever bough with my own money was Wing Commander 2. It was $120! And I thought it was worth every cent. I was 12.

    But I could not give a shit about Star Citizen anymore. I will play it when it's released. Their emails just go straight to junk now. It's just too much information about things I don't care about.

    And I have a strong feeling that when it's released it will be a 6/10 game. It's just a feeling I have. Anyway, I'll play it when it's released and that's it.

    Been landing on moons in Elite:Dangerous since December 2015. Just saying.


    I REALLY hoped Star Citizen would work out (I also backed it and can play in the neverending alpha anytime I feel like a 100GB install) but it's just become such a bloated, sprawling vanity project.

    This seems to be pretty much DayZ 2.0. In regards to the development time.

    As a backer, I get a lot of enjoyment from the Derek Smart meltdowns tracked over at r/dereksmart. 3.0 schedule as been particularly rewarding. You can't buy value like that!

    That's right, everything CIG do is out of spite for Derek Smart. He is a nice guy, other than hundreds of mentions of Chris's wife before getting a cease and desist. It was a false flag OP.

    He also has a 100% accurate prediction rate and totally isn't making up shit about other people /s

    Seriously though. Derekology is a great pursuit of knowledge. It is however, non-accredited. :p

    Star Citizen is my dream game, something I've been thinking about since I first played Freelancer way back in the day, so I've got a bit of blind faith towards the game being amazing when it comes out. I follow the news and I pop into the game once or twice each time it's updated and it's definitely coming along despite the slow progress and criticism, but I think 3.0 will probably be the most significant jump since the release of the PU.

    I definitely understand the critique of its long development cycle though and it's very frustrating at times. There's no way 3.0 will be out by June, there will be delays, but it's the kind of thing I'm happy to wait for to be honest. Got plenty of other games to fill the gap and when it finally launches in 2020+ hopefully it'll be the game I dreamed about when I plonked down my $45 a couple of years ago.

      At least you are being realistic about it. The biggest danger about it all is CIG falling over before the game is done. Someone may want to buy the IP when that happens, but my guess is that it will be revealed that the project is one colossal clusterfuck that cannot be resurrected and would have to be started over. Seriously, the way the project is being run would give anyone nightmares.

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