Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Have Yoda, Darth Maul, And A Campaign

A new ad for the Star Wars: Battlefront sequel has hit the internet. And to the surprise of absolutely no-one, the cut-scenes and explosions look rad. And you know what else looks rad? Darth Maul and Yoda fighting.

The footage comes from an official PlayStation ad, which has dropped online very recently. There's no actual scenes of Yoda and Darth Maul fighting, but you can make out the former pretty damn clearly, and the camera then pans backward to see Yoda's arm and lightsaber.

There's lots of TIE fighters flying about as well:

And the Millenium Falcon returns:

There's also mention in the video about "the untold soldier's story", which should go a good way towards correcting some of the issues people had with DICE's first Battlefront reboot.

Hopefully the trailer also indicates that everyone will get space battles in a map or two from launch, rather than having to wait for DLC months down the track. The inclusion of heroes from the prequels as well as The Force Awakens and beyond is neat too. Expect more at this year's EA Play, being held just ahead of E3.


    campaign is all i care about.

      I dont do well at all in competitive online do to a number of reasons
      - Toxic Community
      - Cheats
      - My reflexes aint what they used to be

      Campaign though, I'd live a new single player Star Wars game!

        Hey I'm with you on the reflexes thing (I'm 40 and have to accept that my kids routinely kick my arse now sadly) but it feels like you guys (this is to all in this comments section demanding a campaign) are barking up the wrong tree (I'm putting on my asbestos suit for the incoming flaming as I type this). People get shitty when an unnecessary multilayer component is tacked on a single player game and it feels like you guys are asking for the exact opposite. Battlefront, just like Battlefield, is primarily a MULTILAYER online game. Battlefield 1 had an okay solo campaign I guess (it was fun, had a surprising amount of tact for the matter being handled and served as a good tutorial) and plz don't get me wrong, over 99% of my gaming is single player or co-op. The exceptions being Bfield, Bfront, Destiny n a lil bit of gta5. I just think I'd rather a dedicated 1 player star wars game instead of making the devs create 2 versions of the game in 1. Is it really preferable to make DICE shape their game into a broader, yet more shallow game by trying to please everyone and shoehorning in everything in (and hating on the results)? I'd rather a game that focuses on its strengths and it's original purpose (MP battles) and another team altogether make a SP Star Wars title that is also free of any MP bells and whistles. Sorry folks, it just seems a lil selfish to say "I want X instead of Y in your game", when the game was supposed to be all about Y. And then everyone shits on the devs when they do because angry gamers forget that time, money and resources are finite. But sure, let's cut some corners to the main feature to keep the minority happy. Sorry folks, I'm out of coffee.

          Oh I agree completely
          I was actually just saying that I am hanging out for a good single player Star Wars game again, ala Dark Forces style

          Well said.

            Thankyou, good sirs. I thought I'd get flamed so hard for this tirade that my charred corpse would break the Kessel Run record without a spaceship!

      Me three. I've no desire to subject myself to public ridicule via multiplayer, but I'm So There for a campaign.

      Yup, me too. I'm not one for online shooters for the most part (though I did get deep into Destiny), but a new Star Wars campaign? Yes please.

        Destiny is really different. i LOVE online co-op, its the greatest fun to sit down and have 3 or 4 different people to talk to while you try and pass levels, bulk up your characters etc. But multiplayer .... its gets messy very quickly

      As long as I can increase my FOV like in MP then I'm in :)

      Problem is Game company's focus on the $ so they see the DLC as the way to go and they only associate DLC with multiplayer when they should see from a game like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that you can do a really solid campaign style game and also offer the DLC. Like most of the others here I'm an older player that doesn't enjoy constantly being on the receiving end of a pummelling so I mostly do campaigns except for something like the Halo 5 firefight mode which is basically just a larger scale co-op.

      Agree with the comments that adding a campaign onto a multiplayer game does not give the best results but I am at least more likely to buy it. I skipped the original Titanfall but was happy with the campaign in Titanfall 2. I can justify this mainly due to sharing the purchase price with my son so I do the campaign and then hand it over to him for the multiplayer. Otherwise I wouldn't bother with the expense for just a short campaign.

    I kinda want them to remove the card system and give us more then one gun... that might be me nitpicking but i kinda preferred the old game setup

      Agreed, I loved the old system of switching between troop types between deaths. I'm going to wait how this turns out and hope for the best

    Awesome. Have gotten so much value out of the first it's insane.

    After bought the last one in the launch, I have 0 interested to buy this one.
    Nowhere near good as the old battlefront and the only true experience come with the Dlc. No thanks.

    My main gripe with the first is that there's too much good stuff locked away in the DLC

    It's really called Battlefront 2? Are they trying to hide the old games from Google search?

      LOL I was about to say isn't Battlefront 2 already out?

        EA knows at least the original Battlefront II is superior to this in terms of content. They're trying to murder it. They want to get rid of the old games, but Steam owns a permanent license to the old game. Also, warning - the campaign will disappoint you if you though it would be true to the trailers and thought "Empire all the way"...

          I actually thought it was a marketing tactic to trick people into downloading this new pile of garbage instead of downloading the original cool game :P

      Battlefront 2 Mk.2

      Maybe they should've just gone the Square-Enix route and named it Battlefront II-2

      It irritates me so much when old names are used. It would have been so easy to just call it Star Wars (insert epic name here) or Star Wars Battlefront: (insert cool subtitle here).

    I saw a Tauntaun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      A Head butting taun taun! I didn't know they were native to Glasgow.

    I love the game but please let's hope 2 doesn't have the awful matchmaking in it. Could never find a game in 1, having to wait for ages to get enough players in a game just to play. More often enough people would drop out of the lobby after waiting 10 minutes just for enough players to get a match started.

      *not included in game: players

      only ~3000 players worldwide on PC... good luck finding a game in Aus.

        So much agree with this.

        If you could pick a server that actually had players like in most games, people would have hung around. Being auto allocated is what killed this game.

        What system? Even recently I've always been pretty fortunate on ps4

          Oh duh. Helps if I read those letters "pc" as meaning "personal computer", not "politically correct"...

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