Street Fighter 5 Stage Pulled Over ‘Unintentional Religious References’

Street Fighter 5 Stage Pulled Over ‘Unintentional Religious References’

Street Fighter 5 has a remake of the classic temple level from Street Fighter 2. Or, it did for a few hours, until the stage was yanked from the game not long after fans quickly noticed it was full of Islamic chants.

Despite being a stage set in the predominantly Buddhist Thailand, and focusing the camera on little else but giant Buddhist icons inside the grounds of a Buddhist temple, the vocals in the level’s soundtrack are full of references to Allah.

As Venom44, a Muslim gamer who was one of the first to discover the chants (which say, “By the name of the God, the most merciful,” and, “ALLAH ALLAH”) explains, it isn’t just weird hearing Islamic chants in a Buddhist temple, but the chants Capcom used sound identical to those used in the earliest versions of Ocarina of Time:

The stage has since been pulled from the game. Capcom has issued a statement explaining that, yes, the chants were Islamic, and that the stage is getting a replacement backing track.

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