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    Hello TAY, did you have a weekend?

      It was the first weekend in ages when it wasn't raining the whole time. The sun was very pleasant.

        That sunshine is so good, I've been getting through as much washing as possible.

    Melbourne Taybies, if there are any left in here. @dogman
    Several taybies from interstate are down to see book of mormon. I've organised a lunch at 11am, at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow on Easter Saturday.
    Lemme know if you're interested, so I may forewarn the pub

      Most probably got tagged on twitter (Or a personal message if they are very special) but here are the tay tags
      @beavwa @budgieishere @chuloopa @coldcamv @crazyguy1990 @f4ction @jordi @mad_danny @negativezero @pixel_the_ferret_viking @scree @smurfydog @tech_knight @tigerion @tofu @trikeabout @zetrox2k
      Neg included in case he is back for the easter break

        But do any of them even come on Tay?
        I blanked out when I was tagging people in twitter, so I need to do it again

          I am here.

          I have no plans during Easter Saturday-day so I should be able to make it.

            Alright. So I'll add you to the numbers. Thanks

          always around if anyone needs anything! going through some pretty busy times at the moment with a lot of stuff, ie. work, looking to buy a house, website stuffs, podcast + tons more, so havent really been active on TAY in a long while. I'm hoping by end of May/June most of that stuff will be sorted....

          unfortunately my whole easter is usually taken up by family stuff, which kinda sucks. to top it off my birthday is on Good Friday, and im away for work in Brisbane the week after for a work GPON thing.

          I kind of feel like ive taken way too much on at the moment which is causing me a great deal of stress. once the house situation is sorted (fingers crossed) ill invite everyone for some board games drinks and BBQ :D

          hoping everything is sorted in next few months and ill be free to hang out here more often!

          Miss talking crap with all you lot!

            Most people have moved to twitter, monsters.

        I wish I was but the immigration people here are fucking around and haven't given me the ID of the form they submitted and without that I can't actually submit my own form and book my consulate appointment, and until that happens I can't make firm plans. Probably looking at being back for two weeks starting in the first or second week of May.

          That's screwy but do let us know when you are back

            So it's all booked now actually. And I'm going to just miss the TAYLunch. :( Getting in on the 16th, flying back out on the 30th. Will be busy in the morning on the 18th (Consulate) but no plans yet outside that.

          Sounds like a giant headache

        Hi I will go.
        Thank you

      I'd love to, I've been meaning to get tickets for ages, but unfortunately my girlfriend will either be in or about to be in surgery. She gets really anxious in hospital so I'll be spending most of my time there. Thanks for the invite though.

        I hope everything goes well.

          Thanks. It'll all work out, it's just going to take some time.

            Doesn't stop it being scary

        Just an FYI in case you didn't get that from the message the invite is also just from lunch and a few drinks during the day. I'll likely be joining for lunch but don't have tickets to the show.
        So if you need some down time or some stress release come on down.

      Not a regular taybie but as a relative newbie to Melbourne i need to try and find some people to chill with that are not family members (sorry Mrs ftwstewieg and kidlets). Sadly Easter weekend usually comes around the time of my son and fathers birthday so i will not be able to throw my hat in the ring for this one, but next time you are organising one and if i am on TAY i will try and attend.

        There's always Pax meat

    Some 50 odd hours into BotW, and still loving it. Really taking my time with this game, and I feel like I'm loving it more each time I play it. Beaten the four Divine Beasts and gotten the Master Sword, and now just exploring and also farming Guardian components to make the Ancient Armor.

    I found myself spending a good 5 or 6 hours yesterday just wandering the world looking for... stuff. Korok seeds, shrines, anything I hadn't seen before. It was most surprising because I haven't wandered an open world like this voluntarily and nigh aimlessly in a very long time. Usually I'll only wander to find collectibles/loot/stuff, but I was just wandering to have a look around. Nothing more. Was actually really relaxing. My housemate, who doesn't even really play games outside of puzzle titles, even sat down and asked if she could have a go. She just picked up the controller and started walking around, no aim in mind, and handed the controller over whenever something attacked her.

    Zelda gush/braindump over.

      Man I'm 100 hours in and have only seen one divine beast :P

        Nothing wrong with that! I got to the first Divine Beast near the Zora, and then went off and spent 10 or 20 hours unlocking towers and the rest of the map.

    Was anyone else playing the Splatoon Testfire this weekend? I spent about 3.5 hours with the game and loved it. I usually play support with a roller but really got into the Dual Splaties this time.

    Otherwise, the maps were fine but not that great - one in particular was easy to dominate if you got the first 30 seconds right.

    There seemed to be a lot of people playing the K/D ratio game and missing the objective, but I guess that's normal.

    TAY, everyone. Well, despite the bad hurdle I had at the start I'm finally getting into Breath of the Wild.

    Two beasts down and around 40 shrines later I'm finally able to move about without dying from a bug bite.

    Still sucks that I still don't have enough hearts to pull the Master Sword out though. I have 11 and would have had two more but I had put two into my stamina wheel. Which has turned out to be wise as those annoying heavies keep popping up and I have to out run them least they eat all the fairies in my bag.

      There is a way to 'respec' in BotW. i won't say anymore for risk of spoilers, but there's an NPC that can facilitate respeccing your heart/stamina containers. I was on 11 hearts, and swapped some stam to get 13.

      just to add to @ynefel speak to the kids in Kakariko village.

        I think I have spoken to all of them. Two that stick out are siblings who are doted on by their father more so since the death of their mother.

        Will check again' might find something the second time around.

    God damn it Telstra suck. Went to change my DNS settings at the modem & it's locked down so you can't.. Why.. I find the Google DNS works better than the shitty ones you guys provide.

      I know it is not what you would like but you can change the DNS settings on the computer itself.

        I know. But Telstra still force you through theirs with the modem & when I change DNS settings I can't gain access to the modem. How fucking stupid is that..

          Dayum, that sucks.

          That shouldn't happen when you change the DNS but it looks to me there is a lot of rigging in the router.

          Maybe Google the router, see what settings are needed to make it work with Telstra, then just get off the shelf router (last I checked, TP Link made good routers at good prices) and enter those settings in.

          That's basically what my mother and I eventually did over time as we got sick of the Telstra routers underperforming and breaking down faster than weapons in Breath of the Wild.

          We got a lot better performance and longer durability that ways and were still using Telstra without a problem.

            Eh, it's not a real problem, just a minor inconvenience. I'll probably end up just buying a much better less restricted VDSL modem when my NBN connection finally gets turned on so I can move to another ISP (when my contract is up next year) without needing a new modem.

          Wait... am I misreading that, or does changing DNS settings on your PC prevents you from accessing the modem?

            Yep.. I changed to the default Google DNS' & & I all I got was an error message I went to login, that was via the web URL for the stupid thing. But it turns out I can just use the IP of the modem & everything is fine.. Why I didn't think of that earlier, is beyond me.

            But after Googling about these modems, it seems even if you do set a different DNS, the modem forces you to use the supplied one which is weird. But saying that I don't think that is true, since I can now access sites that were previously blocked so that's telling me it is using the public DNS by Google. Eh, it's a telstra supplied modem, they've never been good. Well they were back in the Speedstream 4200 days.

              Okay, that makes sense - Telstra's DNS servers provide a name entry for the local IP of your router. Thought it might be something like that, just never heard of an ISP actually doing it. A minor boost to usability, at the cost of customisability.

              It also probably explains why they won't let you change the DNS settings in the modem - if you changed the modem to non-Telstra DNS servers, it wouldn't be able to lookup the IP of 'my-telstra-modem.localdomain' (or whatever it calls itself), and would be only accessible by IP anyway.

                I've been able to do it on their other modems i've owned/still own. But yeah.

          that would only happen if you were using a URL to access the modem. because the modems DNS server is what translates the URL to your modems IP. Just use the Gateway address to log onto your modem.

      what brand model? there are usually hidden settings pages, and even if not, you can usually SSH into the modem and do it via a terminal client... easier than it looks, and you can get the commands you need online.

        "Telstra Gateway" also known as a Sagemcom [email protected] 5355. Honestly never even thought of that.

          ergh... that thing is a piece of crap... do urself a favour and buy your own... from memory that thing only supports 100mbps ethernet as well... :/

            Nah it supports gigabit ethernet, I mean it's by far the best modem Telstra have sent me though.. Every other one screwed the line every other moment. This hasn't had a single dropout since I started using it which is amazing. But since my NBN connection is being activated today i'll have to use it for the time being, until I find something I like as a replacement. Not really sure what to go with, but i'll find something lol.

              if you want a suggestion, go for netgear nighthawk r8000... its pricey (averages around $360, but you can find them for around $290) but its the best investment you can make. not a single dropout.... ever.

                Holy shit. That's a bit pricey lol. It is a nice looking router though :P

                  yeah but you get what you pay for trust me... no more having to worry about constant dropouts, freezes, range or anything.... it just works. ive never had anything more reliable.

                Yeah that's fair enough. I'll see how this one does, it's been fine so far. I may need a access point for the 5GHz band though, cause of the stupid house & it doesn't penetrate well enough.

    So I tried Overwatch after the new update and I just don't feel it anymore. It's a good game but just that I don't really feel like it's worth playing anymore. Maybe that'll change when the next event happens. However, I've really gotten back into Titanfall 2, that game is so much fun. Even if I do lose a Bounty Hunter match with a personal score of 3,000.

    I finished the first part of Dawn of War 2. Great game, even if it felt like a lot of the mechanics was useless. Plus it ended up being a lot of wave defending. I started Chaos Rising but I guess since I've played through so much Dawn of War in the last few weeks I had major burnout. Decided to leave that game for a while.

    While looking through my backlog I decided to finally get into Evil Genius. I played this back 10 years ago but a glitch prevented me from continuing. I got a real cheap copy for 4 bucks back in 2013 and decided to get back into it.

    All Splatoon, all weekend. Riding the Ranked yo-yo between testfires, dropping to A+ then climbing back to S then tanking and coming back again. Woo. Not sure I'm entirely sold on Splat2 though. Despite all the fiddling with settings I could never settle on anything that would feel quite right with it, and the best performance I saw was when using it in handheld mode but it's too damn uncomfortable. Painful to use after maybe half an hour.

    I really want custom joycons now. Ones that are made exactly like the sides of the Wii U gamepad, nice curvature to wrap your hands around and better support the weight and joysticks both up top. The whole thing's only served to make me hate the Switch even more - it's hampered as a console by trying to be a handheld as well, the joycons are hampered as a single player control scheme by trying to be a two player control scheme as well, it's all just hybrid upon hybrid and like all hybrids, rather than excelling at one thing it's crap at being each of several things. Fuck the Switch. Long live Wii U.

    Also finally finished off the game of TMNT with my sister and her bf from maybe a month or two ago now. Halfway through book 1, on to book 2. Sometime.

    Welp, finished Nier: Automata on Saturday morning, a little earlier than I expected. Went into it with very low expectations - the genre wasn't normally my cup of tea (read: "I don't mind spectacle fighters, but I can never get into them because I'm terrible at them"), the "multiple playthrough/multiple endings" thing really isn't something I've particularly liked in the past, as it tends to be repetitive and grindy for very little gain, and after Horizon I'd realised I was a little burned out on open-world games. It was a coin-flip as to whether I'd have even started my second playthrough, honestly, as the first playthrough felt so generic and, bosses aside, boring.

    Got my sixth ending (in order, W/A/B/C/D/E), and it's currently my favourite game of this year. The story is incredible in its twists and escalation - every time I thought I'd figured out what was really going on, the game would subvert my understanding and replace it with something even more convoluted and tragic. The combat is not frustratingly difficult on "Normal" and extremely satisfying (although some of the later bullet-hell sections can go to hell), and the boss fights are amazing in terms of mechanics, spectacle, and backstory.

    Cannot recommend this game enough.

    Bought Rogue One digitally over the weekend and watched it again - saw it at the cinemas when it came out, and yeah, what a great movie. Just solid, all round.

    Not sure if spoiler tags are warranted, but I will anyway - the part where
    they show Darth Vader boarding the rebel ship and fucking everyone up still gave me goosebumps the second time around. I always hated we never got to see Darth Vader do much except have a couple of badly choreographed saber battles in the original trilogy. Considering he's one of the most powerful Sith, or even force users that ever lived, was nice to see some action.

      It's funny because that's sort of how the original fights with him felt to me at the time. Back then Knights were my go to sword fighters so the clumsy swings made sense, and Vader was like 'holy crap, he's choking his own guys, he's such a brutal fighter'.
      In Empire he cuts Luke's hand off and back then it was so hardcore. As an adult the equivalent scene would be Darth Vader using the Force to flay the guys.

      Last edited 28/03/17 11:56 pm

        You make a good point, which is interesting - I watched the original trilogy when I was a kid, like a bunch. (I'm 36 now) But I don't remember being overtly impressed with Vader. Maybe it wasn't until I got a little older that I appreciated him more, and by then the choreography was a little dated?


    Started on the new season of Top Gear with just Matt LeBlanc as host with Rory Reid & Chris Harris as the co-hosts. Gotta say this is what it more what it should've been. Shows how rushed & poorly put together the Chris Evans effort was. Still gonna take them another season or 2 to find their feet, but I hope it works for them. I especially like Chris Harris he's great.

    Made chicken enchiladas for dinner. They smell awesome & should taste awesome, especially since I used a home made spice mix & are full of tasty things & a bunch of jalapeƱos!

    Mid way through Mass Effect 3, on my replay of the trilogy. The ending really poisoned my memory of the third installment - it is, in fact, a really damn good action game.

      The third game is amazingly good, right up until it's not. I mean the way you go around resolving plotlines and meeting old friends is a brilliant yet subtle goodbye. It helps to think of the entire game as 'the end'.

      It's basically great until the last 10 minutes or so. Some of the most memorable moments in the series are in there, like Thane's death, and shooting the breeze on top of the citadel with Garrus

        Yeah agreed, that and...
        Legion always hits me hard on its final moments
        "Shepard-Commander, I must go to them. I'm... sorry. It's the only way"

        Mordin's death killed me. He was probably my favorite character. Think I've mentioned it before, but I used to go and talk him in his workshop on the Normandy. He was the only character I ever did that with. I loved his approach to things, and his random observations.


          Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.

    Side Topic: is anyone else getting redirected from to gizmodo? Have they gone region locked or something? I can access articles directly, just not the main page.

      Yep. Gizmodo seems to be marking it as redirected from the US.

    I still can't believe my dog responds to nap time/I'm going to lay down a while.
    He comes into the room and gets into his bed

      One of our cats always goes to bed with the other human in the house. When she gets up to go clean teeth, he appears from wherever he's been lurking and follows her around 'til she goes to bed. And woe betide one of the other cats going anywhere near the bedroom. :)

        It's amazing how they know. They learn our routines so well.

        My dog and later her pup used to wait until everyone had gone to sleep before going to bed. My dog was used to me sleeping crazy hours so she'd just follow me around 'protecting' me. The pup however lived with my sister, so she was used to bed by 9:30. I'd house sit and the pup would follow me around leering if I wasn't in bed by 10. As cute as she was she definitely had a bad 'you're meant to be in bed' face.

    Woo, finally got Splatoon team sorted!

    It's been a rollercoaster. First I was already ditching my friends who don't really play much at all, and felt bad about that. Then I was teamed up with someone from the Splats group I've been lurking with since the comp in January, since neither of us had anyone to group with. Found ourselves a third guy, then while courting a fourth I got approached by someone else with an ace team of three, looking for a sniper. And through further chats I discovered one of the guys was an old friend from a defunct forum. I was itching like all hell to join them, but felt like I couldn't ditch the others. Then I found out that our third had ditched us, and this was only moments after my friend's team had filled their fourth slot (with a non-sniper). And then the other one I was with was starting to say she was thinking of not playing at all. Just like they say, nice guys finish last hey :P

    Today, had someone else approach me who I played against (and got crushed by) back in the January comp. She was pretty serious about making a proper team which would continue on beyond this tournament, and was possibly going to bring another along from that team while also talking with some others to fill out the last place. That seemed pretty positive, but then it went radio silent. Got talking with another who was looking for a team, and she got onto the other one as well so it seemed like we might have three, or possibly a fourth and my original team mate could go to OzComicCon instead like she was thinking of doing. But then the serious one went pretty much radio silent, and the other group that we were originally in talks with for a fourth hadn't said anything or materialised either so we said screw it, grabbed another who had come along looking for a team and just called it. Locked in :P

    Organising people is the worst. This is why I prefer to lone-wolf everything.

      I seem to organise a load of things. I dunno why, just always seems to be me

        Some people got people skills. I don't consider myself one of them :P

      I imagine a lot of the folks who went radio silent will suddenly rematerialise again today, since it's the last day for registration. Glad to hear you finally got a team together, though, good luck!

    Man... Andromeda is really fucking with my sleeping habits *zzzzz*

    Lucky it's pretty amazing /)

      You too eh? I've been loving it so far and I've still only just started, no regrets though on the changes to my sleeping habits :)

        We all make sacrifices ;)

        Exactly 25% and around 27 hours down, I consider it sleep well deprived, lol

    Whee, we just had a blackout. It sounds like someone let the new person play with things they shouldn't and blacked out from the border to apparently Grafton lol.

    Destiny 2 teaser's out, proper announcement scheduled for Friday.

    Cabal attacking the last city. Looking like last September's leak is getting slowly confirmed, piece by piece... and if so, should be a huge improvement from D1. XD

      Gonna pop in to Rise of Triump? I haven't played for a few weeks, I guess a last tour round things would be good.

      Showed my wife the D2 logo. She said "You'll have a new tv by then...". Can she read minds?!?

        Hoping to get enough peeps together for a crack at Crota-390 tonight or tomorrow. Otherwise, will be online and keen to see what's changed. Keen to try the nightfall this week? Rainbow burn with Daybreak modifier (ie. Mayhem) sounds amazing, but also incredibly intolerant of minor screw ups, so feel like soloing may be a little frustrating. :P

          Nightfalls for sure. Really just feel like a blast round the traps. Last look before it goes away.

          Rainbow burn, you say. Feels like void warlock with gally and an arc shotty then. Woop...

    Oh. Queens of the Stoneage are headlining Splendour in the Grass. Neat. Also King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard are on there, those guys strange, but cool. Paul Kelly seems a bit left field, thought he'd be more a Bluesfest act.

      Probably can't organise a festival for a few weeks after we're expecting a baby... probably. QotSA though... she'll understand, right?

        Totally will. But I would assume they're gonna do a tour since the festival isn't claiming them as their own.

    Woo. My NBN service is due to be activated today, sometime by 2pm. Hopefully means a faster internet connection than the shitty 5mbps i'm currently getting..

      Update, I get 23.5mbps down and 4.9mbps up, basically the 25 down & 5 up I signed up for. Not bad for FTTN.. Ping sucks though, 36ms where as I got like 15ms on "ADSL2". Still not bad.

      We went from about 3-5 on ADSL2 in Sydney to a flat 10/1 using a Vividwireless modem once wed moved to Melbourne. Sadly it's capped at 10/1 and the ping sucked when I tried to play BF1 over it.

        Wireless is capped at 10/1? Man that's a bit shitty, I thought it would adhere to the NBN tiers of 25/5, 50/20 & 100/40.

          It's not NBN fixed wireless, it's a a plastic box with a 4G SIM card inside. Unlimited data, uses the Optus network. Works fine for the two of us streaming Netflix/Stan etc.


    The dude who was our third, and abandoned us for another team - turns out HE WAS THE ONE TO TAKE THAT FOURTH SLOT THAT WAS BEING OFFERED TO ME!

    It is on.

    There is now a nintendo switch in our house.

    I have to admit, it's a very cute little machine and I think we'll have a lot of fun with it, when, you know, there are some actual games available for it.

    *click* ^_^

      A lot of fun with Snipperclips, Fast RMX, and Snake Pass? Maybe a bit of Shovel Knight?


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