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    I spent the weekend tooling around with the gear vr, and I'm actually surprised by how solid the experience is! The tracking is great, and the screen door isn't that bad.

    I can see how it desperately needed the motion controller though. Esper makes a smart logical excuse for touching the side of your head, but having spearation of aim and look really opens up the options.

    There's a lot of crap on the oculus store though. I still haven't found a rollercoaster which actually obeys physics. :/

    Hey guys, I just trying to get numbers for pax meat this year. Who's up for it?
    Also, would people be interested in catering? Just finger food or something?

      As far as I know there isn't an oven or even microwave on site so it would need to be cold food I guess. Although I guess we could do a mass pizza order or something similar.
      We normally need to grab something on the way anyway so I would be happy to switch that money across to a shared order if that is the deal.
      Also I've already chatted with you but likely to be just me, although if we get a babysitter Mrs Tigs might come. But likely just me.

        I've found a catering company that delivers the hot food to location.

    Good to see you back for this week Serrels.

    Got some more time in with Persona 4 Golden. It definitely justified the Vita's purchase, alongside all the PS+ games I've accumulated over the years.

    Otherwise we just put an offer in on a house. The market is crazy - less than a week from it appearing on the web to ten offers being made :/

    Switch saga update: The replacement broken Switch is with Nintendo to check out - fingers crossed it all goes well this time. They said my case would be prioritised, but who knows what that means.

    Reposting from Old TAY:

    Melbourne TAY! I don't know if this tag list is up to date (who maintains taytags now?). Let's do Lunch!

    @beavwa @budgieishere @chuloopa @coldcamv @crazyguy1990 @f4ction @jordi @mad_danny @morkai @pixel_the_ferret_viking @scree @smurfydog @tech_knight @tigerion @tofu @trikeabout @zetrox2k @mythamphetamine

    (if you're in Melbourne and not tagged, you're also invited. Taytags is out of date and I'm not sure who has moved here recently)

    Currently looking at Platform 28 in Docklands on Saturday 29th, let's say 12:30pm. I know this is going to clash with Supanova for some but unfortunately it's the only time I can do before I run off back to the USA. I haven't booked anything yet so if someone has a better location idea then let me know (my first choice would have been The Hof but they're closed at the moment).

    Please let me know if you're coming (twitter or here) so I can get a rough idea of numbers and book a table. :)

      Just in case you missed the previous TAY response, count me in!

      I'm in! and I'll make sure I get the right address unlike the last Lunch Meat a fortnight ago.

        Congratulations on your navigational skills. ;)

      Just in case you missed the previous TAY response, count us in!

        I got you don't worry.

        Looks like a small group right now, hopefully a few more can make it. They don't seem to be too busy at that time on Saturdays normally so I'll throw a booking in some time around Wednesday or Thursday once we've got a better idea about numbers.

      Next time

      Sorry I can't go. Mum's still recovering unfortunantely.

      Hey Neg. Sorry but something really shitty just happened tonight and I doubt I'd be in a good mindset if I go tomorrow. Really Sorry Neg but I don't want to face anyone right now

        Sorry to hear that. Thanks for letting me know :( Hope things work out okay for you, maybe next time.

        Shit. :( Hope things get better, man. See you next time.

    So I lost my hardcore path of exile character this week. Probably played a bit later than I wanted but figured I would just push on to the next checkpoint. Ended up in a final act boss battle. Was doing ok but think I got stuck in the beam trap thing and zip zap that was that.

      How far did you get in with your character? I think the best I've done was about level 50 with a necromancer to avoid actually putting myself in danger.

        Somewhere between 30 and 40
        Ended up in the dominus fight which is where I died. Got caught in those pillar / lightning bolt beam things he drops.

          Yeah Dominus is a hard fight because it's a fairly serious difficulty curve after Piety's fight, especially if you don't get decent gear. I'm probably going to try and run through on hardcore once they launch the next expansion in June.

            Yeah and I wasn't prepared for that fight mentally was pretty much done for the night and just planning on getting to the next waypoint. The smart thing to do would have been to quit

    This is more for @zombiejesus but others feel free to chip in.

    I'm seriously thinking about getting a Unicomp keyboard but I'm trying to find a good local retailer.

    As much as I'd like to watch local Australian retail burn (it's beyond recovery after all), Amazon doesn't ship Unicomp keyboards to Australia and the Unicomp Web site is listing $84 USD for shipping of one keyboard (owch!).

    I know I can easily good this sort of thing but I'm also a strong subscriber to word of mouth. Thus, Zombie, know of any good Australian retailers that won't charge me as much for the keyboard in postage?

    Just for your own laughs, my latest action is in response to me getting a new Mac Keyboard to replace my existing one only to find that even new ones out of the box are just rubbish. It's almost as the damn thing has been sprayed with Teflon thus making use feel slippery and rubbery.

      (continues) In the mean time, I've actually dug out my old Microsoft 600 wired keyboard. Was put to heavy use back in the day and still feels good back then as it does now.

      I don't know of any local resellers unfortunately. I feel like mechanical boards aren't all that popular in Australia in general, I've always imported mine or been lucky to choose a brand popular enough to be stocked by PCCaseGear or UMart.

      You do have the option of a freight forwarder. It'll increase the delivery time but you'll probably get cheaper shipping, especially if the seller has free domestic shipping. I don't do this often because it's usually not necessary, but I used a service called comGateway back in 2012 for an Amazon order and had no problems at all - they reshipped within 3 days of receiving and I got charged about $28 USD for the privilege.

        Yep. They only have resellers in UK, Japan and Germany

    I am working on a shirt design thanks to Scribbletaku reigniting my desire to draw. I completely forgot how bad I am when it comes to my perfectionism though. D=

    So, interesting couple of weeks. Mentioned previously that Mrs had spent a bit of time in hospital recently - we had a little baby daughter delivered via caesar a couple of months early. Everything is well - as well as can be, considering the early arrival - but suddenly a whole chunk of the new parents' classes that we had scheduled for a few weeks time aren't particularly relevant.
    Three random thoughts from sitting around a NICU:
    Things can always be worse. Much, much worse. We're incredibly lucky, in comparison to some of the horror stories that you overhear in there.
    Why add one stupid letter to a normal name, so your child has to spell their name for everyone for all time? Simply misguided at best, stupidly conceited and selfish at worst.
    People don't need language warnings for songs, "Tears in Heaven" by Clapton needs a "parents with kids in hospital" warning though.

      You need to talk to Freeze about the name thing. I feel sorry for him. The most recent one he had to deal with was Phiona.
      Glad things are going 'well', can't be easy but hopefully you have a good support network around. Are you Melb based, happy to swing round and drop off a couple of dinners if you need.

        Thanks, but we're up in Newcastle. Mrs' family are all pretty close, fortunately, so she can get down to the hospital now that I'm back at work.
        I like cooking, I wish someone would come around and do the gardening though. I'll cook for stress relief - brought in baked goods for the nurses a couple of times when I visited.

          I always like to offer. When Tiglet was newborn we had some prepared meals brought around a few times and while it was a small thing it really helps.

    I can never make heads or tails of my pay slip.. This week I have some how have gotten 2 hours of pay at 100% loading, 50% at loading & 4 hours at 30% loading. None of which makes any sense. I've been getting the 30% loading randomly for the last 6 or more months, but no one knows what it is, well anyone in the union or dept managers, i'm sure payroll knows buuut I don't wanna alert them to an error, heh.

    I can only assume the 2 hours of 100% & 50% is to do with last weeks public holiday where they missed paying me for 2 hours of public holiday loading, but it should show up as "public holiday loading" on there. There's also 2 hours at 25% loading but I already know that's 10-12 on Saturday night.

      My have misread that as "head or tails of my pup slip"
      I am doing well

    Was looking forward to a nice relaxing day off with Persona 5 yesterday. Monday night, I got invited to do a bit of raiding in Destiny - an Aksis challenge mode, following up with a Vault of Glass run.

    The Aksis challenge was a bit of a PITA, but we got through it after a couple of hours of bad luck and accidental deaths... the usual reasons. Raced through VoG, tried to kill all the Gorgons (and failed), and finished around 1am. Because of the public holiday, I opted to help with a "quick run" through Wrath... we got to Aksis phase 2 around 2:15am without much issue, and proceeded to attempt the challenge mode. At 5am, we called it quits without completing it - same causes as before, compounded by lack of sleep.

    So, half of yesterday was spent asleep. Other half was spent seeing if we could gather everyone to finish it up before the weekly reset, and eventually managed to get enough people with a little over an hour left. 20 minutes later, we were done - amazing what a bit of rest can achieve.

    So, got no Persona time, but gained a near-full set of VoG gear, and got all three characters one piece away from a full set of hard mode Wrath gear, so no regrets. Might even try and find a group for Wrath this week, see if I can get a chestpiece for my hunter...

    Dawn of War 3 incoming.


    Also, Mario Kart and Puyo Puyo Tetris!

    Managed to burn through Vanilla DoW2, Chaos Rising, and have made a good dent in Retribution in preparation. In Adelaide for work for 3 days, and rehearsal for mate's wedding on Saturday, so might be a little bit before I can bury my face in some gaming goodness, but hnghghg. Pinching myself and realising DoW3 is actually a thing. Wasn't so long ago THQ went tits up and took Relic with.

      You know, I'm more hyped for when/if DoW3 gets their equivalent to the Last Stand mode. The new elite units would seem to fit perfectly into that play style so it could be really awesome.

        Yeah, that would be very cool. Retribution's Last Stand mode was fantastic. Here's hoping.

    Saw some houses that weren't terrible and met a few tenants who've been jovial and able to hold a conversation. Things aren't sunshine but they're not fire either.

    In the good news section, I got to jam with some people a short while back. Even though it had been so long since I'd played in a group and I was almost too nervous, it was a good time.

    Whee, finally had some free time to ring Telstra & sort out that problem. They were polite & fixed it quickly. Also I should have a speed boost for my NBN service within 24 hours, so fingers crossed 4th time is the charm..

      Yeah, no they still can't fucking put through my god damn speed boost.

        did they give you a reason why they can't? or just a case of they haven't bothered yet?

          Well, no reason, just sheer incompetency. Because once you put the request in and they agree to it, their terms is it will happen within 24 hours. I just don't get enough spare time in a single block to ring them and get them to do something, haha.


    I just got sent 2 codes for the closed beta of Quake Champions!!!

    So we're having a bit of a rat problem in the neighbourhood atm (I blame the drop kicks over the back with the chickens who never mow their lawn). We already found 2 dead in the back of the stove (hoorah...) I ended up going to Bunnings & getting one of those trap cages that lets you catch them alive, first night nothing, I used peanut butter, caught a lot of ants though. So I switched it up to sweet potato, worked a treat.

    Boom caught one around 10 last night, but it had NO FRONT LEGS WTF. Adorable as it looked with no front feet, I had to get rid of it, easiest way is to just submerge the cage in water until they drown (all of 20 seconds), so that was done, (left it in a bucket since I cbf going to the bin at that hour) and I went & reset the trap.

    About an hour later caught another, went out to check, was a large-ish one. Thought cool, i'll leave it there deal with it in the morning. Come out this morning, and the little shit had houdini'd himself out of it. I thought, maybe mum had dealt with it, which was silly cause she'd never touch it, I was right. So I went outside to dispose of the dead one, gone from the bucket I left it in, was this the Jesus of rats?

    I'd be more okay with these guys, if they did piss & shit everywhere making everything stink & also didn't ruin things like my dogs expensive treat bag which EzyDog gave me for being a good customer, or knock over all my product boxes on my shelves, or eat our reusbale shopping bags etc..

      It's late, and I've been out - this is harrowing.

        Hahahaha. I figured a bird took Jesus rat, but still not sure about Houdini rat. He just seemed too big to be able to squeeze out of the cage.

    Had to laugh this morning, coming back from the shops this Shetland Collie has run up to me, he reminded me of my first dog Rebel who was a Shetland. Friendly little guy, he demanded some pats had a beautiful coat so he was well looked after, he then decided to run off & chase some ibis. No idea whose dog it was, maybe the tradie who is doing some work on a neighbours house owns him, since I know basically every other dog in the area.

      That's really cute. I love it when dogs just want you to pat them

        Such a nice doggy. Turns out it was that tradies. I always find it's the working dogs which are some of the friendliest dogs. Apart from some blue heelers. There's a good 4 or 5 in my area and only 1 is nice. The others aren't. Even the blue heeler we had was not a nice dog for some reason.

          I've met some nice blue heelers. Mind you, they're all ball obsessed

      Walking home up the Upfield path last night, a beautiful ginger cat, no collar, was sitting on the edge of the path. Said hello, and it stood up and walked over. One scritch behind the ears later, I was not allowed to walk away, I had full figure-of-eight try-to-trip-me-up running round my ankle. If we didn't already have 3 cats at home I'd have looked for ear tattoo and asked in the houses nearby if it was theirs, and taken it home if not... So pretty. :)

      In the end it went back to where it had been sitting in the first place, so I suspect it does have some humans nearby.

    Oh gross. Alice Cooper seems to be all seated. Go to buy a "gold" ticket in general sale & everything has an allocated seat number & row no matter where in the arena it is. I fucking expected it to be general admission for gold & silver would be seated, like every other gig i've been to at the Entertainment Centre. I don't pay $180 for a ticket to a rock concert to sit down.. Even Alice Cooper.

    Unpopular opinion: Mario Kart is a good game but it's not worth full retail price. $30 at the most.

      But battle mode is finally good! I'm in love with the cops and robbers mode whatever it's called.

      I'd give 'em a twenny. But even then would have second thoughts.

        Yeah, $20 would be an ideal price for it IMO. Especially when we're talking about a port of an existing game and not a new game. And when the core gameplay hasn't really changed much since the first 3D forays on N64.

        It's a good game but it's really hard to swallow when it's priced the same as far more substantial offerings.

    Scree's weird dream time!

    So I had a rather strange dream. It started off at an entertainment facility that had like an arcade feel to it, but it wasn't an actual arcade. There was a co-operative Resident evil based laser tag where you had to shoot Zombies. It doesn't feature in this dream in the slightest, but it was there. I considered using it, but changed my mind.
    There was a capture the point type game where you had to stand on a small pressure sensitive disc. I was playing this with Junkrat and Roadhog, because who else would I play with? They were on one team and I was by myself on the other. I tried to trick Junkrat into getting out of the area where the plate was, as he was blocking me off. I went around the back to trick him and climbed over a wall to sneak up behind Junkrat, and used a concussion mine to knock him away.
    The three of us ended up around the pressure plate chatting, and I put my foot on it. I was capturing it underneath their noses =P. Roaghog noticed and I took my foot off, allowing them to win instead as I didn't really care at this point. They won and a toddler entered the area.
    The party place turned into a large room. I was trying to put the toddler's shoes and socks on. One of the socks had a hole in it, so I put a slip on shoe on the toddler. There was some proper shoes for the child, but I couldn't find them.
    It's about to get weirder.
    The child started to act weird and was crying. Me and a few of the other adults (no idea if any were the kids parents) figured out the child was being haunted. The child seemed to be a medium or psychic or something. The adults figured out that it had something to do with a certain room in the house, which just as we found out about it, the toddler was dragged in.
    I grabbed hold of the toddler and as the door was closing, I remember thinking "oh crap, this is going to take my arm right off". Luckily it didn't close until I was pulled through as well.
    I must have blacked out as when I woke up I was in a contraption with two ropes and the knowledge that this was supposed to hang me. I had two women either side of me in their own contraption.
    There was a man standing over a table with the toddler under a white sheet. I couldn't see the toddler, but I knew it was her. I yelled something and the guy laughed before turning the black, female toddler into a small, fluffy dog. I would say kind of like a spitz or a shitzhu.
    I somehow got out of the contraption and saw there was a huge amount of dogs in the house. I knew that I had to get the dogs out, so I caused a large rukus, alerting the gang in the house that I was free. I was in another dimension or something now so the house was different. I opened the front door to free the dogs and there was a parade going on.
    Super handy.
    As the dogs escaped I turned my attention to the a few of the more timid dogs. I had to scare them out.
    I then went to the backyard, picked up the small fluffy dog and tried to escape as the gang members all began looking for me. As I was jumping the fence, the gang leader yelled that I couldn't hide in any of the nearby huts as that where they go to make their drugs and they'd find me. I was int he process of nearly being caught when Sid woke me up to let him out the back.

    So the weekend was a mix of nice and turd but one thing that it wasn't was restful
    Friday night was fairly casual, a few beers after work and the usual fight with Tiglet to get her to sleep. Played some steamworld heist and went to sleep.
    Saturday started early with Tiglet up about 2 hours before normal and not at all willing to go back to sleep. This didn't bode well for the lunch time meat. Went to a farmers market in the morning, bought some fruit/veg, bought some meat and had coffee and some biscuits. Got a mixed selection of homemade biscuits and Tiglet went to town on them. Between her and Mrs Tigs I scarcely got any of 'my' biscuits.
    Then we headed into the city, taking a train is always an exciting prospect so leaving wasn't a problem. Got to the meat and had lunch. A bit more expensive than I planned but it was rather tasty. They were out of stock of the first 2 beers I asked for so ended up with something fairly standard. Lunch was good, with discussions ranging from growing potatoes under the floorboards of a 1st floor flat to drying meat and communal clothes lines across to various games and the seeming inability for anybody to remember to cancel humble monthly subscription. Tiglet was very well behaved but we played it safe and were the first to leave. Was nice to catch up with @negativezero (and other taybies) even if it was only for a short time. Although introducing mead guy to viking guy may have been a mistake with far reaching consequence.
    Then late Saturday my PC started to poo itself, crash to black screen and then failing to boot with artifacts all over the screen. So a bunch of Saturday night and a large amount of Sunday was spent diagnosing, updating, switching parts, cleaning and installing. I'm not sure if I actually fixed anything specifically but the combination seems to have it running again so fingers crossed.
    Had some good play with Tiglet in the afternoon, we build a pirate ship and treasure chest and then drew a treasure map to for Mrs Tigs to help us find the treasure we had 'buried'

    So that was the weekend. I also had a discussion with a workmate this morning and it still astounds me that 'gamers' can't understand they grew into the games they love and just because it is a great game that doesn't make it a great starting point. I'm really struggling with the logic and simply can't comprehend it. She was playing soduku and his logic was that she should play starcraft (a game he loves) because they are similar in that you need to plan strategy and use your mind. I mean seriously, starcraft as a game to introduce her to gaming.

      The artifacts on the screen bit sounds a lot like a video card related issue. Quite often, just taking cards and ram etc. out and then reseating them, is enough to establish a good connection again and get things working. Glad to hear it all went well in the end. Hopefully it'll behave itself for a while longer :)

        Yeah hopefully. Tried switching cards but thin may 'spare' system sas died of neglect. So that was less helpful.
        Hopefully on of the jiggles I did sorted it out

      Well, starcraft's free...

      Was excellent lunch. Nice to see folks.

    Was going to curse Windows 10 for random huge updates yesterday morning when it starved everything in the house of bandwidth to download 10GB+ of data. But couldn't find anything listed in Windows Update logs... I could see it was a MS process in task manager, and the data was being pulled from a US-based MS-owned server, but couldn't find any record of it. Finally checked the system logs... turns out it was a Gears of War 4 update. Also, turns out GoW4 is now consuming 125GB of HDD space... and I thought the original 80GB download was ridiculous for an 8hr campaign shooter.

    Guess what's got deleted asap.

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