Target's Upcoming Game Sale Is Very Good

Image: Nintendo

It starts this Wednesday. There's a Switch for $469, a PlayStation 4 deal for $329 and a ton of quality games under $30.

To be more specific...


PlayStation 4 with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare — $329

Nintendo Switch — $469


Uncharted 4 — $37

No Man's Sky — $25

The Last Guardian — $27

Ratchet and Clank — $29

Gravity Rush 2 — $49

Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection — $29

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — $62 (released 29 April)

There are some spectacular deals there on some of 2016's most interesting games. Namely, The Last Guardian, No Man's Sky and Uncharted 4. I recommend all three of those games to be honest.

In addition: that's a great day 1 deal for Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Switch, which I will absolutely be picking up.


    How is a switch for $469 a sale?

      Because they have stock and you don't have to pay more on ebay.

        My local Jb, Eb, Target and Kmart all have stock. So does jb near my work (haven't checked eb). JB website was taking orders for grey the other day too. I didn't think Australia had a shortage?

      lol I was wondering this... Kotaku stuffed that up ;)

      Standard RRP... yay? :P

    Think I will get Mario Kart 8 as digital, time to jump in and this is one of those evergreen titles. Also keeps the kids from touching the hardware.

      Gah I am the same in wanting MK8 as a digital copy, but at the same time $62 is so cheap!!

      Is there any way to know what else is in this upcoming sale? Cause at the moment it just seems like "a handful of PS4 games and a Switch title". Where did this information come from; a secret retail source, or is it widely available news?

    Dang, I just bought The Last Guardian for $45.

    That's a good price for MK8U. And gives me time to save for it.

    It's a pity Target's selection of games these days is f all

    According to OzBargain, this sale starts on the 12th.

    Target are the devil. A festering wart on the arse of society. Let's not forget they sided with the Helen Lovejoys of the world ...

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