Thank Goodness They're Still Making FMV Games In 2017

Polygons, sprites, they're good and all, but Late Shift has real people* punching other real people in the face. Welcome to the wonderful world of Full Motion Video.

I just love FMV games, they're often silly, goofy, daft fun, especially when they're attempting to be completely serious.

Back in the mid 90s it was just impressive to see moving pictures on a computer screen, it was almost magical. Late Shift may be too well shot and acted to be mistaken for mid 90's FMV schlock, but there's still fun to be had in choosing how the surprisingly engaging story pans out.

Find out more by watching the video above. And, yes: they're actors.

Late Shift is out today on PC & Mac, PS4 and Xbox One.


    I had The X-Files game, probably one of the better FMV games made in the 90's.

      Wasn't it!! I have very fond memories of that one. That and Spycraft: something something.

      Although none can top the sheer demented joy of return to zork.

      Want some rye? 'Course ya do....

      (sorry for getting that stuck in anyone's head) (damnit including mine)

        Ah yes, Return to Zork. Although that technically wasn't a completely FMV game, it just had a few FMV scenes thrown into it.

        Now lemme just tip that rye into the pot plant over there.

          lol ahhhh so many memories.

          I dread to think how many saturday mornings i wasted talking to that guy before figuring out what to do.

          Lol what am I saying "wasted"? Preciously spent.

          Let's not start about the bloody plant that died if you didn't cut it out properly. LET'S NOT.

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