The Best Persona 5 Cosplay

The Best Persona 5 Cosplay

I know, Persona 5 is barely out in the West. But it’s been out in Japan for months, giving loads of locals — and some enterprising importers from overseas — more than enough time to come up with some outstanding cosplay.

I’ve shared some of the best of it below. A note if you’re playing and have only just started out, though: there are some group shots here that may or may not constitute spoilers, depending on how picky you are about the future composition of the Phantom Thieves, so be warned.

Cosplay by Nakatsukuni | Photo by Novii

Cosplay by blue-ly | Photo by Mahiru

Cosplay by Raul

Cosplay by @amethyst_leon

Cosplay by shihomu & pitcha

Cosplay by Shiro | Photo by Novii

Cosplay by キユウ, 紗代香 & 298

Cosplay by Kyamechi

Cosplay by Kuroi Anmitsu

Cosplay by Hiko

Cosplay by Ruya

Cosplay by halt

Cosplay by fsagy

Cosplay by ジョーカー/六坊, スカル/べぇた, パンサー/モコ, クイーン/蓮, ナビ/やよい& ノアール/もとこ| Photo by 市子さん