The Big Question: Hot Cross Buns

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Would you look at the time - it's almost Easter. And in case they haven't come across your nose, plate, face or general vicinity of late, that means Hot Cross Buns time.

I never grew up being a big fan of hot cross buns.

The one thing that slightly brought me back from the brink was a new line of hot cross buns from Woolies the other day. Or maybe they weren't really that new, I was just experiencing them for the first time.

Mocha hot cross buns. And because I could see chunks of what I swore was chocolate in between, I made sure to cut them in half and toast them.

Mocha hot cross buns with melted chocolate. And some sparks because they were too fat for the toaster. (If HR is reading: there was no fire. Honest.)

What say you on hot cross buns?


    All the buns all the time.
    Toasted is great but normally I'll just bang them in the microwave for 20 seconds, just enough so the butter will melt inside them
    Oh and fruit buns all the way, keep your chocolate filth out of my buns

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      The missus is a bigger fan of them than me, but I prefer fruit and she hates it :(. Being fair, this is probably the biggest argument we have, so hey, relationship goals :p.

        I'm not sure that marrying a monster is a great relationship goal

      I go the grill microwave combo. Under the grill for the golden brown crispy top and a quick nuke for inner softness. oh and fruit all the way

      All the spice and all the fruit.

      The only variation that I almost find acceptable is apple and cinnamon.

      This. Fuck all those flavored ones. The 'traditional' is the only good one (and even then, there's a massive gulf between a good hot cross bun and a mediocre one). Also butter is a must.

      I don't think they have them over here.

    This is getting real annoying @alexwalker
    Any word from tech team on being able to edit comments

      The second I can share anything I'll let people know ASAP.

    Make my own every year, so I can take the cinnamon up to 11. Last year I made out of a wholemeal flour which made them far more dense. They were okay, but light, fluffy white bread is the winner for hot cross buns.

    Brumby's do these double choc Hot Cross Buns that are fantastic, especially when warmed.

    I look forward to this time of the year simply for the mocha hot cross buns, i like the others but no where near as much as the mocha, Woolworths mocha simply due to the price as opposed to the Bakers Delight ones ($3.50 over $6-7 is much better Woolworths often reduce them to $1.75 for yesterdays stock as well which is great.).

    I just wish they made them all year round without the cross, market them as buns instead to get away from the Easter theme if they must.

    Oh and how do i have them? Either plain out of the cupboard or a quick microwave (can someone tell me if it would be ok to toast the mocha buns or would the choc chips cause a bit of a mess in the toaster? not willing to try it and risk the wrath of the wife.), if i have time i might even put some marge or butter on them.

      Use the Oven Grill instead. A true hot cross bun should have a toasted top but a soft and fluffy underside. Plus you can lick up any of the melted chocolate pieces that come off from the foil? Bonus?

        Do i wait for it to cool down before i start licking it?

    Hot Cross Buns are amazing. Dried fruit is a blight on everything it comes into contact with.

    Love em. I smash them hard December 26 and by mid January I'm sick of them and might grab the odd pack leading up to Easter. After Easter I don't touch them again until Dec 26 ;)

    Hot cross buns all the way any day of the year.

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    Fruit in baked goods is a crime against nature.

    Chocolate chip hot cross buns, however. 15-20 seconds in a microwave, and hoooooooly shit.

    All fruit, all the time. Lightly toasted under the grill and then buttered to hell, that's the way you do it.

    Fruit all the way. Coles have a Cinnamon and Apple one which are quiet nice? At least I can trick myself into thinking they are healthy??

    Also, toasted under the grill, margarine on top One of the few non-butter types here

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    Why's this coming up at easter when hot cross buns have been available since the day after Christmas? lololol :p.

      This is the only good thing about the stores' stupid extensive holiday season thing. Way more hot cross buns throughout the year.

    Hot cross buns are the kind of luxury food you can subsist on for festivities' sake, but it's probably time we dump them for something more palatable.

    This time of year should be all about toasted blueberry bagels with a thick pasting of our enemies' chocolate eggs, crushed and molten before their rheumy eyes.

      Ok, you might be joking, but seriously blueberry bagels with PEANUT butter is the bomb. I don't know why or how it works but it just does!

    Anything as long as it's not fruitless. Those are the worst. Mocha, chocolate, fruit, they're all great. Toasted and buttered, yum.

      Well if it isn't my rival/frenemy. I knew we'd be on opposite sides of this important fence.

      Just the worst :P

    I love a good hot cross bun around Easter. They've been in my Coles since January ...

    If only we could convince the major supermarkets to release fruit mince pies early also.

    Not a fan of HCB's. Happy to leave more for everyone else!

    Hot Cross Buns. Toasted. Fruit only. Only during Easter Weekend (Good Friday through Easter Monday)

      I'm with you; HCBs (fruit, with candied peel if you can get it, toasted and slathered with butter) are as seasonal for me as Christmas cake. You want baked goods with fruit in at another time? Go buy some raisin toast.

    Sultana is Sanskrit for disgusting failure. I mean just look at them.... filthy.

    That reminds me, I probably should order some from the sourdough bakery in Crows Nest - seriously decadent and delicious.

    Hot Cross buns, plain or flavoured are always good during Easter Weekend.

    hotcross should be destroyed and the creator revived then shot for making them

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