The Cheapest Copies Of Persona 5 In Australia

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If you've been pining to hang out with your demon slaying, dimension travelling high school buddies, here's where you can get Persona 5 on the cheap in Australia.

Amazon: $78.75 (ex shipping)

Amazon isn't selling digital codes for Persona this time around, so there's no real advantage to be had here unless a mate from the US buys it for you and ships it on for nothing, for whatever reason. International shipping delays, a price that's higher than local retailers? No thanks.

Ozgameshop: $82.99

Buying from Ozgameshop usually carries a tacit understanding: you pay less, but you make up for it in the long shipping delay. This time around, Australians cop it hard on both fronts. No thanks.

Target: $79

As posted in their catalogue for the week, Target is hitting $79. Fair enough price if you considering you'll probably be playing Persona for 80 hours or more.

Play-Asia: $79.71 (ex shipping)

Shipping is reportedly around $6 or $7, which isn't too bad. But you might as well buy from a local retailer, unless you specifically want to support Play-Asia.

JB Hi-FI: $79

JB's got a "mega gaming sale" on right now, but that doesn't extend to Persona. $79 it is.

Big W: $79

This one comes courtesy of Press Start. Big W's latest online catalogue doesn't have Persona 5 in it, but the former is reporting that Big W will fall in line with a launch price of $79.

Cubox Australia: $89.95

If you live nearby and want to support a local business, go ahead. If you want to save money, however, there are better deals.

EB Games: $99.95

Nope. You can price match, of course.

The Gamesmen: $99.95

Not really competitive here.

Mighty Ape: $89.99

Higher price than others, and more stock won't arrive until Friday. Hard to recommend unless you can walk into the store and pick it up.

So that's our round up of the cheapest Persona 5 copies in Australia. Will you be picking the game up this week, and if so, from where?


    How much longer do i have to wait for digital to be the same as retail at release?
    (and no, the same as EBGames doesn't count)

      Digital is the same is the RRP; it just isn't the same as the discounted retail prices.

      Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2 & Horizon Zero Dawn all were ($79.95) from memory

    A game this long I need to buy digital, I think. $99 on PSN means it looks like I'll be waiting for a sale.

      What's you reasoning there? So you don't have to worry about having to swap the disc for other games if you want to play something else in between?

        Yeah, if I'm going to be spending dozens / hundreds of hours playing a game, I prefer to have it digital so that I can just start it at the press of a button instead of putting the disc in and out every time.

        I'm lazy that way :P

          Makes sense! I just can't justify the extra ~$20 for that convenience. Digital prices are ridic...

            If you buy at launch, yeah, they're expensive. If you wait for a sale it's usually cheaper to buy digital than physical. I rarely buy anything on day 1 these days.

              I usually buy on launch, or thereabouts. Though currently I'm so behind in the games I want to play (haven't even got Horizon Zero Dawn yet), that your tactic will probably start working for me soon.

                Yeah, that's why I stopped buying at launch. I'd buy something day 1, it would go on the backlog, but by the time I actually got around to playing it, it would have been on sale at least once.

                These days I'll only buy at launch if I'm actually planning to play it immediately.

      Buy it on the US PSN for US$59.99 which is around A$79.00 then if you want digital. It's what I did and it'll be ready to go when release time hits.

    Wow, Ozgameshop's price went up by $10 from when I ordered my copy last year. I also got another $10 off because I used my player points for a discount. So $62.99 is a pretty good price, and it was despatched on 31 March.

      That's right. I can't figure the disparaging of Ozgameshop in the copy: my copy (without vouchers) cost me $71, and it posted same day as yours. I'd expect it to arrive in the next couple of days.

      As for delays? I've received orders in less than five days. At one point, I ordered on a Monday and received the game on a Friday. I've certainly never had to wait an extortionate amount of time for stuff.

        Over the years I've placed over 100 orders with Ozgameshop, and only once has the order gone astray. They replaced it with no fuss, as it was insured as standard. The only thing is they need to wait 21 business days after dispatch before claiming, which is a bit of a wait. Like you said, most of the time the order is received in about five days or so. Quickest I've had was three days and the longest was about ten.

    I got the Take Your Heart edition from EB Games. Apparently have to wait til Friday until delivery. C'mon, AusPost! Do some good!

      What are they charging for the TYH edition? I ordered mine from amazon and should come to around $140-$150 hopefully.

        Yeah EB was around $150, they had super limited stock so I am glad I got it when I did.

          I was kinda expecting it to be closer to the $200 mark to be honest.
          Glad it wasn't that much, wish i could of got it through EB due to shipping times (not expected to arrive until Moday :( ).

          Would of been cheaper if i didn't opt for the 'quick' delivery.

    I got the EB reminder telling me it's a Steelbix edition I'm getting. Do they still price match on that?

    EB games told me that they're not getting any physical ps3 copies. Does anyone know if the ps3 version is getting a physical release anywhere in Australia?

      I brought a copy from Ozgameshop. It is only 53 dollars too. (free shipping)
      Dispatched already. Waiting for shipping.

    EB Games price matched Target for the Steelbook Edition for $79.

    Went into World Square @ Sydney CBD and picked up the 58th out of 60 copies according to the counter. Yikes... guess I got lucky.

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