The First Episode Of Attack On Titan's Second Season Is Finally Available To Stream.

The first episode of Attack on Titan's second season is finally available to stream. While season one was made available back in 2013, the second has been plagued with delays. But no more! You can now find the latest episode on Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Anime Lab (for Australia and New Zealand).


    Spent half an hour getting nowhere trying to stream it on Crunchyroll (even in SD!); went to Anime Lab and watched it in glorious 1080p :D

      Crunchyroll seems to be getting progressively worse over time while animelab is consistently good. I've swapped to them for most of my streaming.

    Can anyone tell me if its available with the English dub yet?

      Hahahaha, no mate. Dub won't come for a while. In about 6 months or so.

        Actually, Funimation has confirmed that Attack on Titan S2 will be simuldubbed. The first dubbed episode will debut on Toonami on April 29th.

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