The Last Splatfest Actually Influenced Splatoon 2's Story

During the final "Splatfest", an event where Splatoon players are divided into global teams, most of us believed we were just voting for the best waifu. Turns out, we were helping decide the future of Splatoon's lore without knowing it.

Earlier this week, the official Splatoon site uploaded a "Prologue" page for something called "Squid Sister stories", presumably a mode available in Splatoon 2:

If you recall, the last Splatfest asked players to vote between the in-game pop idols, Marie and Callie. Players pretended it was a gruelling war that was right up there with Captain America vs Iron Man:

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In the end, Marie won. Afterward, Splatoon stopped receiving updates, so most fans believed that was that, just a fun vote for the best girl... until the Splatoon 2 trailer rolled around. For a split second, the reveal trailer showed Marie facing away at the camera, Callie nowhere in sight. Nobody knew what it meant, but some joked that the Splatfest had torn the sisters apart.

Welp. We just got confirmation that the Splatfest will influence Splatoon 2 somehow, though we don't know the exact details yet. Still, though: Having a multiplayer event affect a sequel feels surprisingly modern for Nintendo, so I'm excited to see where this goes.

In the mean time, fans are freaking out:


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