The Nintendo Switch Versus The PS4: A Japanese Sales Comparison

The Nintendo Switch Versus The PS4: A Japanese Sales Comparison

It’s still early for the Switch. But let’s see how the new Nintendo hardware holds up against the PS4’s first few weeks on sale in Japan.

As Kotaku pointed out late last month, Switch sales actually were on the up tick in March, nearly doubling during its fourth week out in Japan.

Via 2ch, here is how the Switch and PS4 sales compare during their first seven weeks on sale. (Note: The sales data is from Media Create. The character 週 means “week,” and the characters 完売 means “sold out.”)


[Compiled by 2ch]

As you can see, Switch sales are holding steady, with each shipment apparently selling out. In comparison, the PS4 sales were declining during the same window.

It will be interesting to see where the Switch is fifteen weeks in. Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint.


  • One of the big drawing cards and trump cards of the PS4 is Cyber Sleuth. Switch should get a port too, to really compete head on.

    • I don’t even call it the Switch. I just call it the Zelda Machine.

      That said, it’s a damn fine game to start a console generation.

      • People still say that shit about the Vita 5 years after release, which has a library of over 1000 Japanese and Western games, and then hundreds more via PSP and PS1 back catalogue

        Some people just like to shit post to make themselves look big. Ignore them!

      • It seems to be a couple of real games and a whole lot of shovelware. I feel the sentiment behind the argument is valid even if not literally correct.

        • Did you also take a look at the PS4 list? Doki Doki Universe? Puzzle Sudoku? Sound Shapes? Pool Nation? All the remasters/rereleases of PS3 games? The sentiment is biased, people didn’t give such a hard time to the PS4. They kind of did give a hard time to the Xbone, but that one was even more warranted than what the Switch is getting.

          There’s a significant group of people who, for some reason, feel offended to their core that Nintendo consoles are not as powerful as the competition and bash them disproportionately.

          • … and AC4, Battlefield 4, Injustice, Killzone, Resogun. The Nintendo list reads more like the free app section of the App store.

            Obviously this is totally subjective but if we’re talking about generally accepted quality of games the PS4 clearly has a much better lineup.

            I think your bias is the stronger of ours here.

          • Yeah, I am not going to deny my bias, but you yourself admit to subjectivity. For me, all the “Call of Honor: WWII Battlefield 47” kind of games blend together into something incapable of causing any excitement, regardless of their AAAAAAA production values. I’m guessing you feel equally apathetic about something like Snipperclips or Super Bomberman R. But at this point, we’d just be splitting hairs over our personal preferences.

            I stand by my original point: the Switch doesn’t suffer from a remarkable lack of games for its time under the sun and a good percentage of them are full-fledged, polished and fun (or positively reviewed if you prefer a less subjective term) games like BotW, Disgaea 5, DQH and others. Regardless of your personal preferences in games, the statement “the Switch has no games” is either factually incorrect or profoundly subjective.

  • I’m glad the Switch is doing so well. I’ve still not bought one but I plan to in the latter half of the year.

    Also, because this sort of thing is a bit of a bugbear of mine, 78 is not even remotely ‘almost double’ 49.

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