TSA Regulations Place World Of Warcraft In Dire Peril

According to an exchange with the TSA's official Q&A Twitter account (via /r/wow), even World of Warcraft Horde Chieftans have to check their weapons on flights. But should that weapon also be a lithium ion power bank, then Azeroth is truly doomed.

In the proper hands, Orgrim's Doomhammer could by one of the keys to Azeroth's salvation, but replica weapons must be placed in checked bags in order to travel through the sky alongside legendary heroes. But another TSA rule stipulates that lithium ion power banks must be wielded in carry-on luggage only.

But wait . . . there may still be hope. How much is next-day air to the Broken Isle?


    Take the battery pack out of the hammer while in transit?

    Why does a hammer have a battery? Does it light up or something?

      It is a battery. Look at the pic, it's got USB ports built into it.

    well this took awhile make it here, it popped up on reddit in the middle of last week

    Would have been nice is they weren't smart asses about it and actually offered some reasonable advice, or, in possibly some alternate universe, used some common sense and realised that a toy battery charger is not a weapon and shouldn't be disallowed on board...

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