We Survived PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 

Playeruknown's Battlegrounds mixes tactics and battle royale bloodshed into a tense experience. We sit down to sneak around, gather an arsenal, and kick everyone's butt in this Kotaku Plays.

Holy crap! We did it. Faced with 100 other players armed with shotguns, assault rifles, and frying pans, we somehow persevered to come out on top. Battlegrounds is a killer game that perfect expresses how long stretches of quiet can lead to explosive results.

Shaking from too much cold brew, I make plenty of mistake mistakes. But Battlegrounds offers a lot of flexibility in how you want to approach the match. Survival takes all forms from actively chasing down players, staying at the edge of the battle and picking your shots, or just hiding in the bathroom. It's exciting and terrifying. Death can come at any time.

But hey, we made it. A few shotgun blasts later and we stand alone, Highlander-style over our enemies. Next time? We'll probably just get shot in the back or something.


    Yo Kotaku
    Why are you moderating my posts? You obviously haven't been playing enough battlegrounds if you haven't seen or heard of Angus. Clearly you need to pay more attention when you are on the island waiting for the plane ;).

    I was actually hoping you would write an article trying to identify who this "Angus" bloke that everyone chats about in-game is.

    Anyway... Can you please tell Angus to get on skype.

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