What Are You Playing This Weekend

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Hey it's the weekend. That was quick! A public holiday on Tuesday seemed to help that along.

What are you all playing? I'm still wrapped up in Zelda. For the first time in a maybe a decade I'm finding myself wishing I didn't have to finish a game. I just wish I could play this game forever.

I've four dungeons down. I've got the Master Sword. I've got a healthy amount of hearts and stamina. I have no excuses now, time to wrap it up. Maybe I'll move onto Person 5 next.

Or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Goddammit 2017, have mercy.


    I am dying to play persona, but EB games have not had stock for the last few WEEKS! I mean it's 2017 ffs. I would buy it digitally, but I have a voucher... well I guess it's going to be Rimworld then.

    MK8 and Zelda probably. We also picked up Moana so that will play at least once between now and Monday but probably at least twice. Kids never get tired of movies.

      ♫I can lead with pride
      I can make us strong
      I'll be satisfied if I play along
      But the voice inside sings a different song
      What is wrong with me♫

      (the grown-ups love it too)

    More Persona 4 & 5, though 5's obnoxious save system is annoying me as I play more.

    I would be playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but Australia Post decided to randomly reroute my second replacement Switch so it wouldn't arrive today, after telling me it would.

    Persona 4, as a matter of fact.

    Help me.

    Just cleared out Void Quest/handed over Mitsuo over to the police.

    I was under-levelled, I see that now.

    I don't want to know any story beats at this critical point, obviously

    I need to find out the following though:

    Where to grind now? I have a lot of choices.

    I want to spend some time on the Fox quests and building up my attributes, but not sure which ones to focus on.

    Regarding the personas themselves, I'm just into Level 40/41, should I be sticking to a set team now or not?

    The last dungeon I was in (all of them, really) have been really difficult and I'm not sure I feel like I'm getting the mechanics down pat as well as I should by now.

    I don't want to get to the middle or end of an arduous dungeon and realise I am woefully under-powered. I've cut it very fine up until now.

      Matarukaja and Rakunda are your friends.

      Also Charge + Concentrate are powerful to use before you attack.

      Abuse enemy weaknesses and try to cover all elements with your personas.

    Persona 5 for me. Finished the third palace. Loving every second of it.

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

    Also want to finish Yooka Laylee as well.

    Just started the sniper elite series diving in with sniper elite 3 enjoying it so far not the most polished game I've played but getting into it. Cant beat popping Nazis while a rowdy generator covers your gun shots.

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    Outlast 2 (should be able to complete it over the weekend) then back to Persona 5, perhaps with a sprinkling of Destiny.

      Is it scary?

        It's a little disturbing at times, but not scary. But I'm only about 30 hours in, so who knows what's after the second palace?

        :P I haven't actually started Outlast 2, tho; was waiting for the weekend so I can just play it across 1-2 sittings. I've avoided almost all media surrounding it (with the exception of the RC panic), but the original was only about 7 hours, and based on what little I've heard, 2 is about 20-30% larger, so expecting to finish it before Sunday.

          You're very silly. :) Wait, that's not a spoiler...

        Just finished it. Is it scary? Oddly enough, my original comment still stands - it can get pretty disturbing at times, but it doesn't really hit what I'd call "scary".

        There's a couple of decent jump-scares, but the whole thing just seemed to lack tension. It feels like they focused far too much on chase sequences - you spend so much time running from what's behind you that you never really get the chance to dread what might be around the next corner.

    Horizon Zero Dawn or, maybe, I'll finally wrap up Dragon Age Inquisition.

    Maybe more snakepass, I'm meeting some TAYbies for lunch on saturday and then just getting ready for d&d

      See you tomorrow

        Mrs Tigs and Tiglet too, or just your good self? Will try to have more than 20 words with you this time!

          Bringing the family as well. Think it is likely to be a smaller group so the odds may be in your favour

    Mass Effect: Andromeda, and probably more Zelda and new Mario Kart 8 (which I'm about to go and buy). I'm also getting a Galaxy S8 today, so probably most of my weekend will be spent playing with that. I am (finally) switching from Windows Phone to Android, so a whole new exciting list of mobile phone games await!

    Not as much as I'd like. Maybe some Horizon or Planet Coaster, almost certainly some Elite and maybe a little Destiny. Got friends coming over Saturday night so the Catan set might come out.

    And Sunday I will be shouting at some men who are running around a field chasing a sphere.

    I got into the Quake Champions beta, so I'll be playing Quake Champions!

    Started an elite run of steamworld heist so probably that

    Planning on booting Horizon ZD up after a long break (Japan holiday), but keep getting drawn into long sessions of Battlefield 1. Those new maps...

      What was the highlight of the holiday? And did you pick up any Japanese gaming stuff?

        Went to both Akihabara in Tokyo & Den Den town in Osaka. Amazing ... no gaming stuff but picked up some Japan only figures including Figma Pyramid Head & The nurse from Silent Hill 2, a Revoltech Boba Fett. Also hit up an arcade in Kyoto which was mad; .100 yen ($1.20) games throughout . They sure do know how own rythem & drumming games! I could go on about the food, beer , sake & baseball but that a story for another time!

    I've got the very enviable job of putting insulation under my house :(

    I will be heading into the wilds with my better half over the long weekend, so there is only one option... split screen Mario Kart battles on a tiny little LCD.

    I've just recently finished Nier Automata (all the main endings anyway) and I need a break from these massive timesinks. And this weekend I've got family visiting anyway. So I'm going old school and working on a jigsaw puzzle.

    (Well, okay, I might finally have a go at Blazblue Central Fiction if I get time. 2017 has been punishing. And it's highly likely that the kids will want cow racing from Wii Play.)

    Well I played Life is Strange last weekend and now I feel dead inside. I don't think BF 1 is going to cheer me up but I'll probably play a bit of that seeing as a new patch came out.

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    Horizon Zero Dawn - gotta love bringing down a robotic T-Rex with ropes, explosive grenades and blast arrows. Did I mention that Aloy is basically Batman?

    The Swindle on PS Vita - strangely addictive steampunk rogue-like.

    Painting some LotR:SBG Dunedain and Gildor so I can play some scenarios from Fellowship of the Ring with my daughter.

    Zelda and Mario Kart. Probably looks like that'll be my quota for months to come. Love both immensely

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