What’s The Busiest Day Of Easter For You?

What’s The Busiest Day Of Easter For You?

The long weekend is almost upon us, and as a 30-year-old adult it raises a thorny question: planning for Easter.

Easter was a lot easier when it was Mum and Dad doing all of organising. But now it’s more of a joint affair, it’s given rise to a curious question: since everyone won’t be spending the whole four day weekend together, what part of the public holiday becomes “Easter”?

My family was always large on doing two days: Good Friday, a day for enjoying cod, and Easter Sunday. Right now things seem fairly locked into just the one day, Good Friday, since Tegan and I have only recently moved house and we’re also in the process of planning ahead for a holiday (in a couple of weeks, actually).

I’m actually looking forward to having a really quiet Easter this year, because the last thing I need is mountains and mountains of chocolate. I will probably miss the fun of fossicking around the house for eggs though, although the sad reality of being an adult means that I’ll probably end up enjoying the peace and quiet – so I can work. Such is life, alas.

What’s the biggest day of the Easter holidays for you, and will you be doing anything special with your family?


  • How about the 4 days leading up to Easter where everything at work is crazy because omg 4 days off

    • This. Our business goes to a 3 day operation with Thursday a half day for admin and maintenance. Those 3 days are intense.
      But Sunday is our day – kids and easter egg hunt in the backyard.
      Friday and Saturday are an excuse to paint the house and do other odd jobs I’ve been putting off/neglecting. Monday is dedicated to spending as much time in Zelda as I can get away with

    • So much this
      I am in payroll public holidays are great but they mean easy more work because your deadlines don’t change and everyone wants adjustments and ad hoc payments in before the break

      It can feel a little chaotic

  • The busiest day of Easter’s always the Saturday – because that’s when things are open and you need to cram a four-day weekend’s worth of shopping, errands and chores into a single day.

  • I work for a certain Postal service, so it’ll be tomorrow for me before we close for the long weekend, listening to people screaming at me as to why I’ve ruined Easter, because their orders they made the day before and didn’t pay express shipping on, won’t arrive the next day.

    • I’ll get to scream at one of your compatriots tomorrow as my express post sent Thursday last week hasn’t arrived 7 days later.

  • Friday for me because ill be at work but then 4 days of nothing, family interstate and gf away with her mum, bliss

  • Good Friday. Fish and Chips at my Aunt’s, attended by her two daughters, their partners and her two grandchildren. Joined by myself and my brother, our wives, his two girls and our newborn. Overseen by my grandparents, and this year joined by our cousin, his wife and their newborn. It’s tense. Made up for by Hot Cross Buns for desert. If you havent sprinkled sugar on thickened cream on a hot cross bun, you havent lived.

    Noises being made about games with @redartifice at some point, and I need to squeeze in my traditional viewing of Jesus Christ Superstar, because Rock. And Opera.

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