What's Your Favourite Game Of 2017 So Far?

The last month has been fairly chockers when it comes to video game releases, but on the whole 2017 has thoroughly delivered.

I've got a few picks so far, none of which will probably surprise you:

Horizon Zero Dawn: First game for me that actually sold the PS4 Pro, and the message of upgrading to a 4K TV and HDR in general. It also feels like a game that has learnt super well from the massive open worlds and RPGs of years past.

Tiki Taka Soccer: The requisite mobile game for 2017, I haven't been able to stop playing this love letter to Sensi Soccer. There's bits I wish you could change - like being able to adjust the positioning of your players through substitutions - but on the whole it's so good.

Breath of the Wild: My strongest complaint is that, with moving house and everything this month, I haven't had more time to binge playing Zelda. It's also a perfect illustration of what Nintendo meant when there was a hole in the market for premium mobile experiences.

I'm also looking forward to getting some hands on with Nier Automata later in the year, which just sounds absurd and ridiculous in all the best ways. Dawn of War 3 launches when I'm on holiday (in Japan, no less), so I'll have to pick that up when I return. And I've been bugging Cam, the editor of Gizmodo, to find some spare time to co-op Ghost Recon: Wildlands with me as well. Also, I've basically made every planet in Andromeda 100% viable despite complaining the entire time through my playthrough. It's weird.

What are your favourite games of the year so far?


    Undoubtedly Breath of the Wild. I haven't fallen so hard for a game since Fallout 3.

    Mass Effect: Andromeda, followed closely by Horizon :)

    Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I've even played a game released in 2017 yet. Just bought Yakuza 0 last night (on sale on PSN), but otherwise it's been mostly stuff from last year or earlier (Battlefield 1, PES 2017, No Man's Sky, Doom, Wasteland 2).

    the only new game I've played has been Mass Effect Andromeda.

    So it's my favourite by default. but I've been enjoying it thoroughly anyway.

    HZD was pretty fun, and I stuck with it long enough to platinum it. But I've drunk all the Telltale Koolaid, and loved TWD3-3. Looking forward to their Guardians series too!

    Tales of Berseria I guess. But only because the only other game I've spent any major time with has been Mass Effect and I have a weird situation with that game where I'm sinking heaps of time into it and enjoying it but I'm still not sure if I actually like it, it's so deeply flawed.

    Breath of the Wild was an utter non-starter for me (bland, un-engaging world, terrible UI and controls, game systems that actively break immersion and make you avoid doing things you'd otherwise want to do - I feel like I'm playing a completely different game to everyone else) and Horizon's actual gameplay was boring.

    Have some hope that maybe Persona 5 turns the year around for me but I'm hesitant to start on it given that I'm going to be travelling internationally for the second half of April and it's not on a portable.

      Breath of the Wild was an utter non-starter for me (bland, un-engaging world, terrible UI and controls, game systems that actively break immersion and make you avoid doing things you'd otherwise want to do - I feel like I'm playing a completely different game to everyone else) and Horizon's actual gameplay was boring

      So I guess that's why you're called "Negative" Zero? :P

    Definitely BotW, I suspect that's unlikely to change for the rest of 2017.

    Horizon Zero Dawn over Zelda for me, love both. But HZD pips it. Maybe 'cause I'm 36, maybe cause I've played Witcher 3. I just like open world RPGs to be contained, and jump straight into the action. I've played about 12 hours of Zelda, and I've barely gotten anywhere plus the world feels 'empty' to me. With Witcher 3 & HZD, each world is so perfectly 'curated'. My opinion might change with Zelda, but having played my first Cauldron with HZD - I was blown away by the art style, the sense of dread and the perfect boss fight at the end of it.


    I've thoroughly enjoyed every damn minute I've had with Mass Effect, Yakuza, Wildlands, Nioh, Final Fantasy, and I haven't even been able to grab Persona, Nier, Zelda, Berserk, Horizon, or Torment, yet! How the hell can anyone choose from their beloved children?

    (Mass Effect. Right now, it's Mass Effect. I'm wearing an Andromeda Initiative t-shirt as we speak. Nioh, Wildlands, and FF15 are all strong contenders, though.)

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    Mass Effect: Andromeda, followed closely by that sweet new game, Netflix.

    RE7 for me. Once I finish Zelda that may well over take it.

    Horizon Zero Dawn is my pick do far but i don't own a Switch so no Zelda for me and haven't had a chance to crack open Persona 5 which i think will be right up my alley.

    The only game that looks like making it off my "pile of shame" in many years is Mass Effect: Andromeda. And if that hadn't come along, I'd still be finishing Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Both are flawed in their own way, but are compelling enough for me to want to actually finish them. That's pretty huge.

    so far my list is
    1. Zelda BotW
    2. Horizon Zero Dawn
    3. Nier Automata
    4. Nioh
    5. Resident Evil 7 PSVR

    Hard to choose between BotW or HZD.
    Both great games.

    BotW, hands down. GR Wildlands is getting an honorary mention, as well as Toukiden 2.

    I loved Yakuza 0 and Breath of the Wild but... The winner is... Bye-bye Box Boy. :D

    A tie between Nioh and Nier Automata.

    Yeah, Zelda. It's one of the best games I've played in years.

    BOTW basically by default. That and Tika Taka Soccer are the only games from this year I've played, and a mobile game doesn't beat out much.
    I liked BOTW, didn't completely love it. The boss battles, particularly the final one, just aren't good enough to warrant the "perfect game" tag that's getting thrown around.

    Horizon even though i am not even halfway through the story. I hate real life responsibilities. :(

    Well, probably Zelda. Though I've played far more Splatoon this year instead so far.

    Mass Effect Andromeda for me. I have also been playing a lot of Watch Dogs 2 lately but that's not a 2017 game so it doesn't count.

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