What’s Your Favourite Game Of 2017 So Far?

The last month has been fairly chockers when it comes to video game releases, but on the whole 2017 has thoroughly delivered.

I’ve got a few picks so far, none of which will probably surprise you:

Horizon Zero Dawn: First game for me that actually sold the PS4 Pro, and the message of upgrading to a 4K TV and HDR in general. It also feels like a game that has learnt super well from the massive open worlds and RPGs of years past.

Tiki Taka Soccer: The requisite mobile game for 2017, I haven’t been able to stop playing this love letter to Sensi Soccer. There’s bits I wish you could change – like being able to adjust the positioning of your players through substitutions – but on the whole it’s so good.

Breath of the Wild: My strongest complaint is that, with moving house and everything this month, I haven’t had more time to binge playing Zelda. It’s also a perfect illustration of what Nintendo meant when there was a hole in the market for premium mobile experiences.

I’m also looking forward to getting some hands on with Nier Automata later in the year, which just sounds absurd and ridiculous in all the best ways. Dawn of War 3 launches when I’m on holiday (in Japan, no less), so I’ll have to pick that up when I return. And I’ve been bugging Cam, the editor of Gizmodo, to find some spare time to co-op Ghost Recon: Wildlands with me as well. Also, I’ve basically made every planet in Andromeda 100% viable despite complaining the entire time through my playthrough. It’s weird.

What are your favourite games of the year so far?

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