Win! A Copy Of Yooka-Laylee On Xbox One Or PS4

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As Banjo Kazooie fans would be aware, its spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee will be dropping in Australia on April 11! To celebrate, we've teamed up with Team17 to give away 5 x Xbox One and 5 x PS4 copies of the game!

How to enter: We'd like to pay homage to the franchise, so we're challenging you to design your own animal pairing — and we want to see them.

Think Banjo-Kazooie (a bear and a bird combo) or Yooka-Laylee (a chameleon and a bat). How about a dog and a goldfish called Floot-Drum or a Kangaroo and a Koala called Didgie-Ridoo.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

TL;DR we're looking for weird, unique and funny designs — just make sure you keep it clean!

To be eligible you'll need to leave a screenshot or link (such as Imgur) to your design in the comments below AND tell us whether you would like a copy on Xbox One or PS4.

The competition is restricted to Australian residents only and make sure you use a valid email address in your Kotaku profile so we can contact you if you win. The competition is limited to one entry per person and one prize per winner. You can read the rest of the terms and conditions here.

The competition will end on April 18th 2017 at 12pm and winners will be announced shortly afterwards. Good luck and may the best designs win!


    Shame it's only Xbone and PS4. If a steam copy was up for grabs, I might actually give this a go!

    Word is that the frame rate is FAR from smooth.

      This is made in Unity isn't it? Doesn't surprise me then, as a lot of devs seem to have issues getting 3D games in Unity running smoothly.

      Then it'll feel even more like the old BK games from our childhood.

      Clearly an homage to the frame rate of most Rare games on N64.

      It's not as bad on PC is it? Will wait to see what the Switch version turns out like since it's not being ported by the same guys. Not holding my breath though.

    I'd totes be in for this, but I likely would have purchase Y-L (assuming it's any good) by the time the competition closes on April 18, so go at it, other people! :)

    Introducing the spectacular duo ...
    Down and Trout !
    The classiest Earthworm and Trout secret agents in the world !

    ... you're welcome.

      @kamepoh I loled too hard at that. Please design that and enter the comp -- it's so good.

    Is there a limit on the number of entries each person can make?

      One entry per winner and one prize per winner :)

    I noticed my youngest son look at this game the other day so i might get him to do a design instead of me, his creativity is much better than mine and his drawing skills at age 5 are already a lot better than mine.

    Day one purchase for the Switch.

    Hey, take a look at Trom-Boneless.

    A giraffe and his aloof python buddy. Old mate Trom struggles for oxygen from time to time, and as a result doesn't get around too fast. But at least his neck's never cold.

    P.S. Xbone!

    Last edited 04/04/17 3:55 pm

    Quick sketch while I'm still at work, probably expand on this later.

    Tea and Rex (eh maybe I'll think of a better name later?)

    PS4 version.

    Last edited 04/04/17 6:16 pm

    Trump-pet (freedom edition)

    Clearly the best platformer...
    Some of his features:
    Can builds walls to get to higher locations
    'Big' Hands to smack things
    All about freedom ofcourse
    Collecting immigrants to progress to the next level/level up

    Is this allowed? Humans are animals after all. Right?

    Xbox One

    Last edited 05/04/17 1:26 pm

    I present the disastrous duo - Aanty-Ursine!

    Aanty is the heavy-lifting, problem-solving, quick-witted... ant. While he may lack in size, he carries his trusty buddy to properly protect him, whose name is...

    ...Ursine! Actually, no one knows what he is. Some say Panda, others say Grizzly, few say Polar. Regardless, he's the intimidating of the two - striking fear, striking foes and striking out thanks to his tremendous boulder-like weight.

    Together, they are the duo that rolls with it, no matter the size of the task.

    (Xbox One copy for me)

    Last edited 05/04/17 11:08 pm

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