Wiz Khalifa Fans, Who Are Probably High, Don't Realise His Weed Game Is Boring

Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm has all the ingredients for what should be, at least, a funny distraction. In practice, it's really boring, but for the people who celebrate the holiday on which it was released that might not matter.

Wiz Khalifa — rapper, marijuana enthusiast and Amber Rose's baby daddy — has released a mobile game about growing weed. Khalifa is an avid and vocal consumer of cannabis, and this is maybe not the first time he has combined weed and video games. At least year's E3, Khalifa told an interviewer that he had a secret weapon and said, "It's the bomb, and that's the only thing I can let you know. Zac Efron and Jamie Foxx then told the same interviewer that they were going to find Khalifa to "make this day go smooth." All three of them then played Battlefield 1 with distant, dazed stares.

All the charm and personality in the above anecdote is missing from Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm. Even the title is nondescript. In this game, you grow weed, possibly for Khalifa, or maybe just for the pursuit of growing weed. There is no selling or smoking weed in the game, just endless, monotonous growing in an effort to maximise your profits. You tap a plot of land in order to plant a strain of marijuana, you tap the plant after a certain amount of time has passed in order to collect coins, you use those coins to plant more strains, rinse, repeat. It is the same exact formula you have seen in mobile games since their inception.

This is the entire game.

It's not even particularly Khalifa themed. While his pucking grin graces the screen at all times, there's not much personality here. There are many, many opportunities to watch ads to double or triple your profits, and one of them is the option to "drop a beat." I thought, oh, would I perhaps hear a snippet of Snoop Dogg and Khalifa's hit song, "Young and Wild and Free?" No. The beat that is dropped sounds like it was downloaded from a free beats MySpace in 2001. Compared to Glu's celebrity sponsored games like Britney Spears: American Dream or Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm is a disappointment.

And yet, this doesn't matter at all. The reviews, so far, are overwhelmingly positive, and it's easy to see why:

The game has reached its target audience. They will be fine. Godspeed to you, Wiz Khalifa.


    to say it's not khalifa themed tells me you don't know much about wiz khalifa. the khalifa kush/kk kush logo is emblazoned across the back wall. the brown dog in the dog house is wiz's dog, the yellow car with the black stripes - that's the car of black and yellow fame, the taylor gang logo is beneath the boom box. when you click the radio and it plays music, the intro loop is one of his songs - i can't remember which one and i'm 'out of ads' so i can't play it and check haha - and his laugh is definitely in there somewhere. i'm not sure how much more 'themed' it can get other than constantly playing his music in the background. which, he's a musician - he'd probably rather you go buy his shit on itunes and stream it while you're playing the game, or be blasting something chill from him or taylor gang from your speakers rather than overriding all that with a loop of 30 seconds of a song or something.

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