Worth Remembering The Next Time You Complain About Lag

Look, as someone living in Australia, I don't want to infringe on your god given right to whinge about lag. You are Australian. This is your birthright.

I just want to say this: the internet is a terrifying series of tubes funneled under the ocean and holy shit humanity can achieve incredible things when it's not busy starting proxy wars and polluting the shit out of everything.

This video was produced by our sister site Business Insider. It basically shows the cables that power the internet and where they are in the world. Sure, it's not really 'video games' but I found it fascinating and maybe you will too.

Something to ponder while waiting for the doors to open next time you play Overwatch or whatever.


    I just wish doors would close and entering vehicles in a rush in battlegrounds wasn't such a massive pain in the ass.

    So, the first cable was laid in 1850 between Newfoundland and Ireland huh?

    Those bloody Newfoundlandians.


    What pisses me off is that even though there are cables going from Perth to Singapore and then up to Europe, my ISP routes my European traffic the long way around through the US.

    They didn't used to do this, and it makes a noticeable difference to interactive use.

      Cost is the issue there. You buy bandwidth on undersea cables. The long ways probably cheaper.

        That's almost definitely the case, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.

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