You Can't Physically Buy The Bulletstorm Remaster In Australia Just Yet

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Today, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition went on sale in Australia. But if you go into an EB Games and try and buy it, you'll be told that you can't.

The reason: EB Games, which has an exclusive on the game's physical release in Australia, accidentally printed R18+ stickers on the game. The Bulletstorm remaster was actually rated MA15+ by the Classification Board in early November, so there's no concern about the game being banned or anything like that.

But ratings are a binding matter. A reader and EB Games staffer both confirmed to Kotaku Australia that the game can't legally be sold until the retailer puts new overlays or stickers on the box displaying the correct rating, something that could happen either later this afternoon or early tomorrow.

So if you were going to go in store to pick up a copy of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, don't. Or at least if you're going to, give your local EB store a call first - just so you know whether they're allowed to sell you the game first.

Update: EB Games has provided us with a statement:

We received Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition with the incorrect classification. We take classification very seriously. As such the game won’t be available for sale in-store until it has been re-stickered with the correct classification.


    I bought it digitally for ~$63 when on sale on X1 earlier this week - EB Games have the physical edition for $99.95.

    You do the math ;)

      This is the part where we all laugh because the "Physical Edition" is probably just a case with the 500MB autoplay installer software on the disk and a steam code to access the download for the other 20GB, right?

    Upvote if you ever traded in an "incorrectly" rated game (like an import from overseas, for example) and you were told it's required to get re-badged with an Australian rating before sale.

    Reply if you've been informed there's a charge to you involved within the same transaction.

      EB had no issue when I traded in my imported copy of MK9.

    Oh, so thats why nobody but EB games were selling it, typical. Was going to price match since 99 was just ridiculous, luckily I opened Steam, saw it was on sale (42 to equal 55-ish AUD) and just bought it there, since Persona 5 has basically taken up my console for the time being, so it worked out better then buying it on PS4.

    But if you go into an EB Games and try and buy it,

    No thank you.

    Classifications have absolutely no impact on what I play. I DL 99.9% of my games and couldn't care less about Australias nanny state laws.

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