A Cinematic Trailer For A Fan-Made Halo Game

A Cinematic Trailer For A Fan-Made Halo Game

This is the world we live in now. Where even fan-made, multiplayer-only Halo games get four-minute cinematic trailers.

This clip is for Installation 01, a back-to-basics Halo fan game for the PC that we first took a look at last year.

Fans Building New Halo Game On PC

A group of over 30 Halo fans from around the world, fed up with the limited options available to them on the PC, have decided to make their own multiplayer Halo experience.

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Looks like things are coming along nicely.

Installation 01 is an attempt to get back to the roots of Halo’s multiplayer, and the developers claim that their work is 100% legal and cool and fine, saying “We are carefully following the rules set forth in Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules. No content in our game has been ‘ripped’, it’s all handmade by our team.” 


  • I remember seeing the trailer for this a while ago, looks quite nice. I wonder how well it will do though. Halo 5 forge was free (and a real halo game) and yet last time i went on that there was literally only one lobby of people playing. I don’t mind the idea of ‘back to basics’ but halo 5 is actually my favourite halo multiplayer and thats coming from one of the people who spent many hundreds of hours playing the older ones on live and in lan parties.

    Also the part where they say its all legal and cool, im sure that’ll hold up for now but if microsoft end up releasing halo 6 for PC i cant see them allowing this to stay running for long.

    • I looked into it and it’s all above board. The MS fan creation guide explicitly allows this kind of content.

      • If you look in there it says “revocable, limited license”, certainly gives MS an easy way to make them stop if they need to. Like i said to the other guy, im not saying they definitely would just that it wouldn’t surprise me if they did. To be clear im hoping they don’t, this is a very cool project i look forward to playing

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